Front Living Room Reveal ...Finally!

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I feel like I just redid my front room a few months ago...which I did. But then I have to remind myself that I had a good reason to redo it again even though I super loved how it looked. You may remember me talking about switching out all the furniture in my front room with the furniture in my living room in order to baby proof a little bit. I just thought the tufted ottoman and sectional would be a better choice for a growing mobile baby to be around. But as luck has it, she likes the front room the most where I moved all the stuff I thought she shouldn't be around :)...aka the tree stumps. So, really, it didn't matter that I moved anything at all lol. But I guess change is good :) obviously that's an understatement if you read this blog often or know me at all ;)

So, this front room of mine has seen more changes than I have outfits...and that's saying something if you had any idea what my closet looked like..or the closet in the guest room...or the 'closet' in the basement. maybe not that many changes, but close! I thought it was ready for it's reveal before Christmas, but it has even changed again since, as you can tell, I guess I'm not really ever satisfied. Or I guess, I'm more finicky than anything...maybe.

Alright, so I'm just going to jump right into it. Here it is today!
Neutral Living Room Design

And, I'll go a little back in time and show you what it use to look like a year or so ago:
Burlap Curtains

Yep. beige beige beige. I still love beige. I know people should probably never say that. But I do. I love it. I embrace it. I think it's the perfect compliment to all the white in my house. But the problem with the room above? There was no white. So, it's just blah.

Then I decided to plank the back wall to add some interest into the otherwise super boring room. Added some color with some pillows. And This was how it was this past June when I thought I was for sure completely done with ever messing around with this room again. Hah! yeah right :)
Living room design

As you can see, I moved the sectional out of this room and put it in the front room along with pretty much everything else. Well, I guess really just the ottoman :)
Living room design

At one point, I did move the chairs and the glass table along with the stumps and couch into the front room that were in the living room but decided to get rid of the glass chalkboard table since I couldn't get it to work in here and I updated my chairs with some ones I found on a facebook yard sale group for $5. But along came this beautiful desk that I finally had a chance to refurbish. It had been sitting in my basement for at least 2 years. Shameful I tell you. I put this desk here thinking that it would eventually make it's way into my office/guest room. But I really really like it in here. So for now, here it stays. And for now, I only have one of the two chairs. But the other one looks beautiful in my bedroom (which by the way, I am also redoing. I figure it's about time to redo a room when you have no desire to clean it for months and months on end lol)
Office nook
The one thing that I'm realizing now about having a child, is that you need storage. Lots and lots of storage. I live in a house with no closets except for the closets in the bedrooms. So, storage is very very minimal. The best way I found to hide the clutter...err to put them in a cute little basket, and drape a blanket over them. She knows where to find them and to just throw the blanket off. And when I put them away, I just throw the blanket back on. Instant chic storage. Plus, now I also have a blanket on hand....and I looove my blankets almost as much as love all my pillows :)
Neutral Living Room Design and storage ideas

Having a baby, I also realized how much stuff you can't have on things. So, this is my 'minimilist' side table. Lamp, picture. That's it. Anything else and it will be on the floor or in her mouth. I think she's even gotten down that picture a few times, but what can you do? Obviously this table looked so boring with just the lamp and picture, so I decided to add some interest by framing the lamp with an empty frame. It may be weird, but it really truly added just the right touch.
Side table ideas

As for above the couch, I decided to add some family pictures. I decided to faux hang them with some jute that I then tied in little bows. In reality, they are hanging by the wire in the back and the jute is just taped on the ends of the frame and secured with a thumb tack on top. I like the texture and height the jute adds.
Cute way to hang pictures

The stumps look like home in here. Especially on this new rug I got from Target a few months back. I love this rug! I wish it came in a bigger size at the store but I think it still looks great in here. It brings the perfect pattern and ties in the white and beige. Its the Maples Fretwork rug. You can find it here and in a bigger size :) 
Neutral Living Room Design and storage ideas

Oh, and you see that sweet little gallery wall light above the gallery wall? I didn't know they made these but it's battery operated so no cords. Score! I asked for this for Christmas, and my brother got it for me. Love it. And love the no cords even more lol.
Neutral Living Room Design and Storage Ideas
Also, you can find the tutorials for the rope and paint stick mirror hanging on the wall here. The tutorial for the giant chalkboard here. The tutorial for the tree stumps coffee table here. And the tutorial for the $30 planked wall here.
Neutral Living Room Design and storage ideas

I am so in love with this room. And so in love with the desk in the corner :) I have found it to be my 'second' office. I use this desk all the time, especially when the little one is playing about in here. I have never spent this much time in this room. I used to hate it. I could never seem to make it feel clean enough. I don't know why. I just never went in here for any reason. But now, I find myself in here more than in the living room. It's just so inviting and warm, especially at night with just the lamp on the desk how it is now as I'm typing this. I guess I won both ways...I love how my living room turned out after the switch, and love how my front room turned out. I'm so glad it worked that way. I was really nervous that either room I would end up hating.

Now I hate to say this, but I know how things go around here. We'll see how long it stays like this for lol. If you want to see a few pictures of how this room use to look..and get a good laugh. Visit this post :)

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  1. I think most "designer" rooms are over done. I like clean and simple. I love sophisticated furniture and decor but I don't like everything all crowded, no matter how fabulous your pieces are, they're nothing if you can't see them! To me "less is more".<living room design

  2. Your room looks very nice! I like the little desk area that you added! Your color scheme is great, too. I like the calming colors. I hope to be re-doing my living room, soon, too!

  3. I just found your blog through facebook! I love what you have done to this room. It is beautiful and looks like something right out of a catalog. Looking around my living room, it makes me what to make some changes! I love the one wall with the boards. It all looks so well put together and classy! LOVE

  4. I found your lovely gallery wall on Pinterest -- love it!

  5. what color paint is on the walls? Love!

  6. do you remember your paint color spec?

  7. You are one talented lady! I love your blog and all the personal and magical touches you put on everything..thanks for sharing all those tips and D.I.Y.s too.


happy DIYing! Alicia