Refurbishing Furniture with 3M DIY

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refurbishing furniture technique
I had a great opportunity to work with 3M DIY once again on this fun little project...well, fun once all the sanding was over and the dust settled and I could see the finished project :) Don't get me wrong, I love doing all the inbetween stuff to get to the finished project...but this time around, oh boy. There was tons and tons of sanding and dust and just grossness that I could have lived without.

This table was given to me a couple of years back and has been sitting in my basement ever since. It has been used as a project table top to do my jigsawing on; a place to throw random pieces of wood; a place to paint a few things; and most recently a place to put a broken chair and it's leg.:) I had great plans to paint this and put it somewhere, but didn't ever have a place to put it so it just sat there along with the multitude of other forgotten furniture pieces. One by one I will knock each of the pieces off my to-do list...I promise. lol. It may take me a few years, but it will get done. Now if I can only stop putting more and more pieces down there :)
refurbishing furniture with 3M DIY

Here are the supplies I used to restore this table:
Forceflex Flexible Safety Eyewear from 3M™ Safety Products
3M Tekk protection sanding and fiberglass valved respirator from 3M™ Safety Products
3M SandBlaster Sandpaper from 3M Advanced Abrasives
3M SandBlaster Sanding pad from 3M Advanced Abrasives
A lot of patience
Chalk Paint

When I received this table, it was already sanded on top so that was nice :) but the rest of it needed some attention. Plus, I wanted to sand a little more on top. I used 3M sandpaper to take off the stain. I wasn't sure about what to use when stripping the stain off so I ultimately decided on the 80 grit sandpaper, which I know strips paint off wonderfully. Worked like a charm :)
refurbishing furniture with 3M DIY

Next was to figure out how to get in the creveces of the legs. 3M also has a wonderful product meant especially for this task, the Sandblasting sanding pad. I took what I could off with the sander but then took off the rest of the stain on the legs with the sanding pad
refurbishing furniture with 3M DIY

It took me about a whole hour to strip all the stain off of this...and trust me, the dust was flying. The only way I survived was use the Tekk Protection eye wear and respirator mask. Tekk Protection eye wear and respirator mask. I took the glasses off for a second and completely regretting it. I think my eyes are still red from it.

I then wiped down the table to remove the settle dust and went to painting!

I decided to paint this with some chalkpaint (which I'll talk more about in a later post). I wasn't sure about the color at first, but once I got it upstairs into my front room, I was in love. It's the perfect neutral color and not white :)
Refurbishing furniture

I'm so glad I finally got around to restoring and using this table! And I'm sure the hubs will be glad to know I got it out of the basement lol.

I'm thinking of redoing our guest bedroom/office again and think this table will be a perfect addition as the desk.
refurbishing furniture with chalkpaint

But I do like it in here a lot I guess we'll see what really happens :)
Half moon table refinished with chalkpaint

See how perfect the color is against white? I'm so glad I ended up not painting it white; this is sooo perfect.
Urban Oasis Decor Chalk Paint

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This post is a collaboration with 3M DIY. To keep up-to-date on projects, products and sampling visit
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  1. oh my god... This is amazing. It is a really good idea. Save money and it came out so beautiful. Bravo!!!!


happy DIYing! Alicia