Early Spring Cottage Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Ever feel like you don't really know what your style is? That was me up until farmhouse style came in. Then I knew, that was what I wanted in my house...or at that point, that was what was in my house. I know I had some elements of it, but never felt that was truly my style. It hasn't been until the last couple of years that I honed in on my style: cottage style. Do I live in a cute little cottage out in the wide open fields with sheep roaming around? Nope. But, I like to think of my house in suburbia as my own little cottage. 

Cottage style is essentially a cozier and softer take on farmhouse while adding a little more charm like softer lines (think ruffles),  antiques, meaningful trinkets, vintage accessories, and natural materials. 

With that being said....let me share with you my "cottage bedroom" decorated for spring! I added some new elements this spring season that has truly made me love my bedroom even more!
Rug: Home Depot      Square Molding: Tutorial      White Ruffle Bedspread: Amazon 
        Linen Pillow CoversAmazon             Ruffle Euro Shams: Amazon    Floor Cushion: Link

I have always said, if you have no motivation to clean a space, it's time to redo the space. It doesn't have to be a massive overhaul, but just changing out some accessories can have a big impact on how you feel about the space. So much so, that it may even get you to take care of the space more. 

It wasn't so much that I didn't clean my bedroom, it was just more so than not I would not make the bed, and things would get a little out of control. I decided to bring more charm into this room by adding antique crocks, vintage candlesticks, and gilded frames. Just those little updates helped me want to take care of this space more.

Although I've been moving more and more away from Hobby Lobby type decor, I did find two things there recently that I loved and put into these mini gallery walls on the sides of my bed. The first one being this hanging mirror with black and white picture pressed on it. The larger picture is a botanical print from a collection I had over my bed a few years ago. The clock face was actually on the nightstand on my husband's side, it apparently fell and and broke. I found it under the bed, and was about to throw it away. I then realized how perfect it would be here. I've been collecting crocks for the past few months now, and I think they make the best vases! 
Above my bed, I have this beautiful ornate wall shelf from DecorSteals (link). I added a small collection of vintage candlesticks and new and old ornate frames. The two new frames came with pictures that I haven't swapped out yet. They are so pretty just the way they are! Although, when I get my printer fixed, I'll be adding some more personalized pictures. (links below picture)

And yes, although this is "spring" decor; it's early spring...meaning I can still have my cozy, chunky blankets and pillows on the bed :)

This other side of the bed is similar to the prior, just a little bit different with the frame instead of the clock. Yep! Same frame that is above the bed, but bigger! And the pressed greens are from Hobby Lobby. I'll be making black silhouettes of my kids and putting them in there.
I found these amazing pieces of architectural salvage about two years ago, and never really had a place to put them. It wasn't until Christmas that I placed them up on this shaker peg rail. They bring so much character up there! I also just added a hanging basket from Target, some wool and bead garland, and a blanket.
To add a little color and ground the room, I added this olive green through blanket. It's on top of an antique blanket I found a few years ago that has the best fringe! It's also half round. It's about a queen size otherwise I would have it draped on my entire bed. But, instead I have these beautiful ruffle bedspread that goes to the floor. 

That #2 crock is another fave recent find of mine. I knew I wanted to put some plants in it the moment I saw it. Vintage crocks can be super hard to find, or really expensive. So, if you are looking for this look for less, check out places online. I found my "butter" crock in my living room from Tractor Supply a couple of years ago, and have seen some other similar ones at Ace. Who knew!? Not vintage, but still get the look for less!
Probably didn't know, but I did shoot like half of these pictures with sweet Bo right here on the bed. It's his place. The second he knows the bed is going to get made, he either runs underneath the covers to lay down, or waits and plops himself right on top.

I do have to say, it was hard to take my winter decor down out of here, but I was eager to share with you  my new finds and mini gallery walls. This space has come a long way...even since last year! Not to say I didn't love it then, but I love it even more now :)

Here it was with those botanical prints and the clock from a few years ago...and before the additional molding.
And many many moons ago...when I first started sharing my bedroom with you all. 
I'll eventually add some beams on the ceiling, but for now, this room is my oasis! I'll be sharing more rooms coming up and few new projects! Until then, be sure to follow me on social media. I'm sharing lots of my home on there too, and behind the scenes things :)
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happy DIYing! Alicia