Friday, May 17, 2019

DIY Patio Umbrella Stand (Hide The Ugly!)

On the few days that the weather has cooperated...and I mean very few...I've had the chance to spruce up my patio...which usually follows by me sprinting inside to hide from the wind, rain, and lightning.  My patio became pretty drab over the winter. So, I decided to change it up a bit starting with this little patio umbrella stand. Even though this was just on a whim project, and literally took me 10 minutes to do, I felt like it made a huge impact on this area.
 This is how it used to look. It's heavy as heck and made of granite. I think 40 or 50 pounds, and wouldn't you know that our winds still blow the thing over. Anyway, I got this one because it was the most sturdy one out there. I never cared for how it looked though.
 So, I decided to create a little box for it. My first step was to use 4 pieces of 2x4s, and case it in. The diameter of this stand is 18", so my 2x4s were two at 22" and two at 19". The 19" pieces sat inside the 22" pieces. I secured these with 2 1/2" screws.
 I then cut some scrap would 1x4s to go over the top. These were all cut at 22". The middle section was a little smaller than a 1x4, so I did some digging and found some 1x3s. I cut these to fit pretty close to the vertical part of the stand, but enough that it could come off if needed.
 Since these 1x3 pieces were only going to be connected on one end each, to prevent them from sagging, I added a scrap piece of 1x3 to the bottom portion so that it can rest on the granite. I secured all the top pieces of wood with 1 1/4" nails.
I then stained the entire piece Dark Walnut by Minwax.
 Besides hiding a complete eyesore, this gives a great extra place to add some patio decor. I was really have a problem with placement of that bamboo lantern, and now it fits on here perfectly!
 Here's a little sneak peak at more of the patio which I'll be sharing with you all next week....if it ever does stop raining. I'm telling you, 40 degrees in May is not cool... I feel like we are in the beginning of March. I want my hot temps back! So, weather depending...I'll show you the rest of this area with sources :) I also have big plans for the opposite side of this patio, which I can't wait to get started on!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

13 Ways to Repurpose Old Picture Frames

Over the years I have collected a ton of frames. The odd thing about it really is that for the first few years of living in my house, not a single one held a picture. I don't know why that is, but now you can't find a wall in my house without a picture....or 20. :) So, what did I do with all of these frames? I used them in various ways, few of them with their intended purpose. I decided to collect some of the ideas and ways I have used them in this post. Some have tutorials, some are links to tutorials, and some are just so obvious that you can hopefully figure them out.

#1. This first repurpose project was one of my first crafty projects as a newlywed. I turned a thrifted frame into a cute little bulletin/punch board. (tutorial below)
Step 1: Cut some cork board and cardboard the size of the glass, secure together with spray adhesive. 
 Step 2: Fold fabric over cork board/cardboard, also securing on the front and back with spray adhesive.
 Step 3. Place into frame, add original back that came with the frame. Hang from ribbon or from hardware.

#2. I have a love for chicken wire and wire mesh. They are a great way to organize jewelry. So, one of my favorite ways to use frames is to attach the mesh onto the back of the frame and hang earrings from it.

#3. Yes, frames are intended to frame pictures, but why not frame 3d art instead? I just hung glass bottles with faux lavender stems from some jute and framed them with Ikea frames to get this look (tutorial below).
Step 1: Grab about 12" of jute, wrap around bottle neck and knot into place making sure it's good and secure. 
Step 2: Place bottle in upside down frame. Eye where you want the bottle to hang, then tied a knot where the jute meets the frame. Using a staple gun, place a staple right below the knot. Cut off the excess jute on the top. 
 Hang your faux stems!

 #4. I realized one day how boring my hanging towel hardware was in my bathroom. So, on a whim I decided to frame it! You can find the tutorial on how I did this here.

 #5. As mentioned before, frames offer great organization. For this one, I just added jute and clothes pins!

#6. Frames also make great trays! I have at least 4 of these in my house right now. They offer a great unique look. You can find out how to make on of these easily here (tutorial).
#7. This wall was in my home office offered great repurposing ideas for frames. Besides the jute and the mesh, I turned a thrifted frame into a chalkboard. I just sprayed the glass with chalkboard paint that comes in a spray can. 
 #8 and #9. You wouldn't know by looking at it, but that floral pink wall art above the dresser is actually just fabric wrapped around a large frame I found at the thrift store. You can see another peekaboo option for decorating with frames here on the very left hanging on the ladder. These are cute scallop frames I handmade (tutorial here).
#10 and #11. On the left side, I secured burlap to the back of some thrifted frames then hung clipped flowers from the burlap. On the wood, that's actually just an empty Ikea frame. I loved the look without a picture in it.
 #12. Frame something that isn't meant to be framed. In the nursery, I hung a frame over one of the butterflies flying along the wall.
 #13. Add a frame to add interest. Take the glass and picture out of a frame to resemble molding on a wall, or to just add a little bit of interest.
There are many other ways to repurpose frames, these are just a few! Let me know what your favorite way to repurpose frames is in the comments below!

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

DIY Summer Boredom Buster Jar (Over 60 Ideas Included!)

I was provided product by DecoArt and compensated to write about this project, but all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own :)

As I am writing this, it is so weird to think that summer break is just in a few more weeks! Seriously though, it's snowing outside my window right now. So, yeah. Who would guess warm temps are *hopefully* just a few weeks away? I'm being super hopeful they are :) 

As my kids are getting older, boredom is sitting in quicker than ever. I'm not one that allows for much screen time, so it's great having a few ideas in my back pocket when true boredom hits. I know that when school is out and the reality of the long hot days are here, it's a good thing to have lots of ideas to keep them busy! Today, I'm sharing with you my go to way to bust the boredom this summer in what more than a "Summer Boredom Buster" jar! 
When boredom strikes one of your kids, they simply pick an activity out of the jar. So, what do you need to create one yourself? Just a jar, some blocks, discs, or popsicle sticks, some paint, and lots of ideas! Don't worry on the ideas part, I got you covered at the bottom of the post :) I found this jar at a local craft store along with these 1" wood blocks.

 I then used DecoArt's Galaxy Glitter and Americana Acrylic Paint to bring life to the blocks. The colors I used :
Galaxy Glitter Aqua Meteor with a Americana Acrylic Paint base of Peacock Teal
Galaxy Glitter Ultraviolet with a base of Purple Pizzazz
Galaxy Glitter Pink Cosmos with a base of Bubblegum Pink
Galaxy Glitter Aurora Borealis Green with a base of Kelly Green
Galaxy Glitter Supernova Berry with a base of Magenta

 I painted one coat of acrylic paint on each block's connecting 4 sides, leaving a top and bottom bare. 

 Next, after the acrylic paint was dried, each block received two coats of the paired Galaxy Glitter. The Galaxy Glitter does take some time to dry, especially with thick coats. I found that two medium thick coats created enough glitter to do the trick! So, put on one coat. Let it harden. Then put on the next!

I let these all dry overnight to harden. 

I then wrote something fun to do on each one. On the opposite side of some I wrote a chore, or another fun item. I figured when they pick one out of the jar, they can then "roll the dice" kind of thing. Or, they need to do the chore before they do the fun thing! If they get a block with two fun things, then yay for them! :) 
 I then placed these all in the jar ready for some summer fun! 
My kids are already wanting to play with the blocks, just by themselves :) They can't wait to build something with them...which can totally be an idea for the jar! 

Since I'm a stay at home full time working mom, most of these ideas are things that the kids can do at home and free! I figure every once in awhile it wouldn't hurt to throw in some fun things like going out of ice cream or lunch. Of course, these are just ideas that I used for my kids, if yours are older, think of some age appropriate things for them to do too! 

In need of some ideas for your Summer Boredom Buster jar? Here are a few!
Make a craft
Play in the water (pool, sprinklers, etc)
Plant some flowers
Watch a movie
Make popsicles
Go for a walk
Paint your nails
Ride bikes
Have ice cream
Go to the splash pad
Have a dance party
Chalk Art
Go to the ice cream parlor
Go to the park
Go to lunch
Play dress up
Read a book
Do a puzzle
Cloud watch
Have a picnic
Walk the dog
Do a craft
Make jewelry
Write a story
Make lemonade 
Make a fort
Play tag
Blow bubbles
Paint rocks
Play with play-doh
Go to the farm
Have a lemonade stand
Have a water fight
Go for a nature walk
Play cards 
Play I-spy
Catch bugs
Chase butterflies
Do a science experiment
Make puppets (out of socks or paper bags)
Draw a story
Make goodies to take to neighbors
Build a sand castle
Play outdoor games
Go to the library
Play a game
Build blocks (with the blocks in the jar!)
Have a play date

Clean stuff out of car
Help with dishes
Clean your room
Help with laundry
Make your bed
Help pull weeds
Pick up toys
Pick up 5 things
Pick up 10 things
Brush the dog

To find more glittery ideas, be sure to check out DecoArt and their social media for more inspiration!

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