13 Ways to Repurpose Old Picture Frames

Over the years I have collected a ton of frames. The odd thing about it really is that for the first few years of living in my house, not a single one held a picture. I don't know why that is, but now you can't find a wall in my house without a picture....or 20. :) So, what did I do with all of these frames? I used them in various ways, few of them with their intended purpose. I decided to collect some of the ideas and ways I have used them in this post. Some have tutorials, some are links to tutorials, and some are just so obvious that you can hopefully figure them out.

#1. This first repurpose project was one of my first crafty projects as a newlywed. I turned a thrifted frame into a cute little bulletin/punch board. (tutorial below)
Step 1: Cut some cork board and cardboard the size of the glass, secure together with spray adhesive. 
 Step 2: Fold fabric over cork board/cardboard, also securing on the front and back with spray adhesive.
 Step 3. Place into frame, add original back that came with the frame. Hang from ribbon or from hardware.

#2. I have a love for chicken wire and wire mesh. They are a great way to organize jewelry. So, one of my favorite ways to use frames is to attach the mesh onto the back of the frame and hang earrings from it.

#3. Yes, frames are intended to frame pictures, but why not frame 3d art instead? I just hung glass bottles with faux lavender stems from some jute and framed them with Ikea frames to get this look (tutorial below).
Step 1: Grab about 12" of jute, wrap around bottle neck and knot into place making sure it's good and secure. 
Step 2: Place bottle in upside down frame. Eye where you want the bottle to hang, then tied a knot where the jute meets the frame. Using a staple gun, place a staple right below the knot. Cut off the excess jute on the top. 
 Hang your faux stems!

 #4. I realized one day how boring my hanging towel hardware was in my bathroom. So, on a whim I decided to frame it! You can find the tutorial on how I did this here.

 #5. As mentioned before, frames offer great organization. For this one, I just added jute and clothes pins!

#6. Frames also make great trays! I have at least 4 of these in my house right now. They offer a great unique look. You can find out how to make on of these easily here (tutorial).
#7. This wall was in my home office offered great repurposing ideas for frames. Besides the jute and the mesh, I turned a thrifted frame into a chalkboard. I just sprayed the glass with chalkboard paint that comes in a spray can. 
 #8 and #9. You wouldn't know by looking at it, but that floral pink wall art above the dresser is actually just fabric wrapped around a large frame I found at the thrift store. You can see another peekaboo option for decorating with frames here on the very left hanging on the ladder. These are cute scallop frames I handmade (tutorial here).
#10 and #11. On the left side, I secured burlap to the back of some thrifted frames then hung clipped flowers from the burlap. On the wood, that's actually just an empty Ikea frame. I loved the look without a picture in it.
 #12. Frame something that isn't meant to be framed. In the nursery, I hung a frame over one of the butterflies flying along the wall.
 #13. Add a frame to add interest. Take the glass and picture out of a frame to resemble molding on a wall, or to just add a little bit of interest.
There are many other ways to repurpose frames, these are just a few! Let me know what your favorite way to repurpose frames is in the comments below!

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happy DIYing! Alicia