Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY Scalloped Frame

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I made one of those dumb mistakes I make often. I buy something, and then think, well duh. I could have made that! lol. It happens less often than it use to, which means I'm improving :) But it happened again just this weekend. I've been in search for a great ornate frame for the baby's room. I want a really big one, and then I want a few small ones. So, just on the off chance that the thrift store might have one or some, I swung by and of course they didn't have anything. So, I figured, well, I need frames, so maybe I'll just settle and get some boring rectangular ones instead. So, not that it was a lot of money out of pocket, $8 I think, I realized what an idiot I was the second I got into the car. Duh!! I could just make my own frames...and make them scalloped, not just plain and rectangle. And of course, thrift stores don't return items. So, now I have 4 frames sitting in the trunk of my car :)

diy scalloped frame
And the best thing about this project is that I didn't have to go to the store to get anything for it. So it was and something I want....not $8 and something I didn't want :)

What you need:
  • Wood/Particle board (I got my particle board the in the scraps at home depot..super cheap :) )
  • Scalloped Frame Template (see bottom of post)
  • Jigsaw
  • Sand paper/Sander
  • Paint
Step 1: Trace the template onto your wood/board. I made the template that you download easy where you can also cut out the middle portion, it fits a 5x7. Unlike you, I had to eye the middle cut out ;)
Step 2: Use your jigsaw and cut out the shape. I recommend cutting out the middle portion first (even though I didn't realize this until after in the below picture) and then the outside edge. Take your time :)
 For the middle portion, to start it, drill a hole that the jigsaw blade can fit through. Now maneuver to each side creating a straight line. Mine ended up looking like the below picture. I went to each side from the same starting hole and then would double back and finish the side. Does that make sense? If you make the edges a lot more round, you may be able to just to a straight square/rectangle in one easy cut. My jigsaw blade was just too big for doing it that me, I tried :)
 Step 3: Sand. I wanted my edges to be rounded, and since it was particle board I did a lot of sanding to get a smooth look.
 Here's what 'softer' edge looked like after sanding.
 Step 4: Paint and finish!
To hang, just attach a hanging claw to the back. To put a picture in it, just tape it to the back. I made the template a little smaller than 5x7 so a picture that size would fit pretty nicely just behind the opening.

Or you can take my approach and just do burlap in the back :)
diy scallop frame
 I finished this one with some grey paint, and used a pigment sponge on the edges to color them white. I taped the burlap in the back and just added a flower clippy in the middle.
scallop frame
 The grey frame is a little thicker particle board. Probably about an inch thick. This white one is about half an inch, if that. I think I like the thicker option better.
diy scallop frame
 I finished this one the same as the grey one just different color paint and pigment.
scallop frame
Must say these are by far better than some boring rectangle frames :)

Here's the template for your personal use. It should fit on a 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. And as I mentioned before, the middle section is for a 5x7 picture. Make it smaller or bigger if you wish! Enjoy :)