Bathroom Decorating Ideas (Spring Refresh!)

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I'm not one to change my bathroom decor often, but ever since I redecorated it for Christmas I have the urge to do so. And why not, right? It's just another area to decorate and have fun with. I do have to admit though, once I took all the decor from Christmas down in here, it was in shambles for weeks...or maybe a couple of months :) It just got neglected, so having it refreshed is ...well...refreshing! 

 There have been just a few updates in here since I put these shelves in (tutorial). First, being the new sign on the shelf. I found this at Michaels a couple of weeks back and new it would be perfect in here. 

I mean, cute is this?! It was the perfect thing to add a little height to the shelf. I also moved some things around, and edited out a couple of things that were on here for years. 
Another addition, was this little wood caddie. It is simply a 1x8 cut about 10 inches wider than my bathtub. I stained it with Dark Walnut from Minwax. That's it! Added a book for reading and candles for relaxing. 
The shelves used to be my favorite part of my bathroom, but now it has tough competition with this side. I shared a little bit of this side of the tub a few months ago when I posted the tutorial on my faux shiplap wall (tutorial)
 I had originally painted a motif with a stencil in between the molding years ago in order to break up the beige on my wall. It was busy and I always hated it. I wanted to add some shiplap for awhile just to give it a pop and some added texture. I never did simply because of laziness. I didn't want to have to re-cut some molding to fit around the shiplap. I know, I know. Dumb. But it totally happens more than not! 

 So, instead of having to cut all the extra wood, I used a marker :) You can see the full tutorial about how to do this on this post (click here). It was super quick and made a great impact in just minutes! 
 Another great addition that I'll share more about in an upcoming post is this pendant light. I've been wanting some sort of hanging light in here for years, and found this one for a steal. I initially had it in my kitchen, but my husband wasn't a fan. Then I found a new one that I loved even more for the kitchen, and moved this in here. It fits like it belonged all along! 
Isn't it great how a few small changes can help freshen up a space? I have always said it and will continue to say it...if you stop cleaning a space and pretty much ignore it for too long, it's time for a refresh! Trust'll keep you wanting to keep it nice and least for a little bit :) This may just be from laziness...or the craziness of my life,but I let spaces go to the dogs too often. The minute I redecorate, I keep them looking good! It gives me motivation :) 

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happy DIYing! Alicia