Cottage Spring Living Room Decor | Tour 2023

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Welcome to the 93rd day of January over here. It's a nice 16 degrees with wind chill ...and lots of inches of snow. Definitely sounds like a nice April day, doesn't it? I figured I would share my spring living room tour in hopes it changes the mood outside to what's going on inside. Like a perfect 72 degree day :)  

How I decorate for spring is pretty simple...take down all the winter decor (back in February), add lots of faux or dried green stems and garland. I tend to keep all the layers and textures still pretty heavy. Although, I did get rid of most of my sheep skin rugs. 

It's pretty busy in here because of the shelves and mantel, so I tried to keep the coffee table decor simple with a white ruffle runner, and an oversized basket full of eucalyptus stems. The wood in the shelves are a mainstay in here although a few of the shelves were swapped out with some baskets and vases.

I feel like my decor on these shelves is the old me and how I used to decorate. If you check around my house, it's becoming more and more vintage-y with lots of vintage and antique goods. This is the one area that pretty much has escaped my grasp... for now :) The shelves just don't hold a lot, as you can see the middle one bowing a little bit. So, I have to be careful with what I put on them. What I really want to do, is fill this entire thing up with books! ...and the right side of the mantel as well :)  If you look closely below, you can see real life happening as well in the picture below! Can you spot it?
As for the mantel, I used some empty vintage frames along with this wood window for the wall. I then placed garland between some new and vintage brass candlesticks. This is my favorite draping garland from Hobby Lobby. It's a pretty penny, but wait for it to go on sale! You can spy a few old books on their as well to give it height.

This little sitting corner is one of my fave places. I once again mixed new with old. Most of these books are from the late 1800s. That "vintage" picture frame is a new find ...that's actually the picture that comes in it. Says the size on the bottom, but I don't care too much obviously :) 

Let's head to the other side of the room. There's one very obvious new item in least to me. A new rug! I know it seems more fit for winter, but I got it from a friend just after my winter decor was taken down and I had to use it. I love the texture it has! 

Another new addition is this oversized rattan trunk from Studio McGee. I've had my eyes on something like this for years! It finally went on clearance and then on sale so I got a pretty good deal. You can still snatch one up for yourself if you hurry! (link here) 
For now, the big trunk has replaced a few of my baskets. I have most of my pillow covers in it along with some throw blankets. 

Here's little Willow making an appearance: 
I'm using the trunk as a side table. To make it more functional, I placed a small tray to keep remotes organized and have a place to put a drink. I'm sure this trunk will move around, but I'm currently loving it in this space.

This corner is where the current me is opposed to the old me with the shelves :) As you can see there are lots of vintage finds here along with tons of brown tones. This old pie safe is a mixture of new and old again. One book on there is a fave of mine from the 1700s! And, well, I should have figured this would happen...a few weeks ago, the kitten decided to get a wild hair and jump on everything sending these books crashing to the floor. It was a sad day, but they survived hardly unscathed. Thankfully! 

One last little morsel of this room is this dough bowl. I have learned to keep it as "comfy" as can be. This is Willow's favorite sleeping spot. So, right now it currently has lots of loose book pages and eucalyptus leaves.
I hope you enjoyed the tour, and maybe got a little inspiration! If anything, maybe you're feeling pretty good right now about not having such cruddy weather as we are :) Happy Spring! 

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happy DIYing! Alicia