Vintage Spring Dining Room Decor | New Hutch and Vintage Crocks

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What do you collect? My collections change as months go on.... there was a time it was spoons, rolling pins, smashers, books, candlesticks....the list can go on and on. Recently, I've been collecting vintage and antique stoneware, mostly European. It's fun to collect, but can definitely get expensive if you don't know how to shop...even if you do. I'm not saying I do, I just have found some deals and can finally notice when things are overpriced. With this new collection, I've been wanting a spot to start displaying some of it. So, I've been on the hunt for a hutch to go above my buffet in my dining room. I literally can't fit another piece of furniture in my house (as much as I want to try!), so this space in my dining room was the only place for my collection to live.

I came across this hutch one day at the thrift store, bought it, and then proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes in high winds trying to Tetris it into the my SUV. I made it work...after it fell twice. But it survived :) It was well worth the hassle! It's larger than it appears apparently!

When I bought it, it looked like this picture below. I took off the doors and was setting to paint it, when I realized it would be a great backdrop for the stoneware and ironstone pitchers. 

The curves of this is what sold me on it, even though it was a little more narrow than my vision for the space. With the narrowness, I have been able to still decorate on the sides which is a bonus!  

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been playing around with what to put in here....mainly in fear that my cats will jump on it at any moment :) So far, I think I'm safe. It's amazing at how much these crocks can cost, if they fall, it would be devastating! But, alas, that's the risk when you have a kitten and a cat running around.
Having another space to decorate has been so much fun. Small pitchers and creamers with a "vintage" painting tucked behind it graces the middle shelf. I didn't know that I collected these small pitchers until I realized how many I had. I tend to think I go for them because they are quite cheaper than the larger pitchers. This painting is a new favorite find of mine from Amazon. They have quite the selection when fully stocked of these vintage-esque prints for under $15. (linked here) I have a few of them throughout my house now. 

I found a wonderful seller on Etsy from England and bought the majority of my smaller ironstone and stoneware crocks from her. I had them shipped over here, it was about the double the purchase price, but still half the price of what sells here in the States. My other vintage crocks I have found through various local antique stores along with sellers on Instagram. There are some amazing sellers that do weekly or monthly sales. I'll list a few that I have purchased from here:

This plate was a birthday present from my husband, and the pitcher from my children. Even though they aren't antique/vintage, they still hold a special place in my heart! 

When styling this piece, I made sure to add height in different places with the books, the artwork, the plate and the stems. For the bottom, I used half of the apothecary drawers that used to sit on my buffet (tutorial here). I love them so much, I had to figure out a place for them. Although there's a lot of contrast with the dark wood and white/creams....I'm itching to paint this white! I know, I know...The way I see it, I've lived with this for about a month now. I don't mind it, but I don't love it. It seems rather looming in my dining room....just a big dark piece shadowing over us as we eat. Dramatic? Yes :) But that's how I feel. 
Myrtle Tree: Hobby Lobby

Not saying it's going to happen soon, but eventually it will be white. What do you think? Leave it or paint it? 

Also, one of these days, I'll have to gather up all my stoneware and ironstone crocks and show them off to you! I'm realizing they are all over my house in every room so I have way more than pictured in my dining room. They are great for display, to use as vases, candles, or holders for pencils, makeup, or spoons! Plus, they have history! 

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happy DIYing! Alicia