Wrapping Presents With Kraft Paper and Doilies

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Hello everyone! I can't believe how fast this December is flying by. Christmas is coming up fast! I decided to start trying to wrap the presents even though I think it will be an inevitable fail what with the little babe and all. I'm sure most of them will be bitten open, soaked through with slobber or ripped apart. But I wanted to tempt fate some so I went to the store to find some wrapping paper. I haven't had much success in finding what I want for the past few years, but I was hoping this year might be different. Nope. It wasn't. So, I decided to go to my good ol' trusty friend, Kraft paper.

But this year, I decided to add some cute doilies to it. I really love the contrast and how this looks. Who thought kraft paper could get dressed up :)
Wrapping Presents with Kraft Paper and Doilies

I really wanted to use jute on all of these, but I ran out of it one present in. So, I decided to just use some yarn.
Wrapping Presents with Kraft Paper and Doilies

To dress it up a little bit more...and make it a little festive, I tied a pine cone in front of this one. I really love this look. So does the babe. She constantly bats at it trying to get it off :)
Wrapping Presents with Kraft Paper and Doilies

I then thought that it might look cute with some fern on it. But well, I don't have any real fern, so I figured I might as well just chop a few pieces off my garland. You can't tell anything is missing from the garland, and this looks perfect on the present.
Wrapping Presents with Kraft Paper and Doilies

I decided as much as I want to find some cute wrapping paper, I like wrapping presents this way anyway...it allows me to be creative :) ...and well, it's just more unique and interesting.
Wrapping Presents with Kraft Paper and Doilies
Plus, this was free. And even if it wasn't Kraft paper and yarn are a lot cheaper than wrapping paper and ribbons :)

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Love it. I almost always use plain brown paper to wrap presents - sometimes I stamp it, other times I've stenciled it, sometimes I've done nothing to it. I love the doily idea. I have doilies..... :) One year I used newspaper to wrap presents as well. That was nice too!


happy DIYing! Alicia