Time for Change

I say 'time for change' as if I don't change anything everything twenty times a year. First off, my bedroom has gone through twenty million changes in the past two years. Our living room has stayed somewhat consistent, but if you ask my husband, he'll disagree, our guest bedroom has also seen its fair share of changes - really pathetic especially since there's only ever been two guests that have stayed in it. And our front room. I think this thing now has an identity crisis - I've changed it too much it doesn't know what it should look like☺

We moved into our house with practically no furniture. So the one and only couch we had went into the living room. And the front room was therefore neglected and for the first few months...yes, sadly....it acted as a storage unit for all things miscellaneous.
We finally bought another couch - a gimungus sectional - so now the cute 'small' couch went into the front room along with random other furniture that totally didn't fit.
So now, this soon became the 'dogs' room. He found the couch to be a perfect spot for a bed, thusfore claiming his new room. ☺ - and the reason behind the blanket wrapped around the cushions. Not to mention the fact that everytime he gets into something, he, for some reason, takes it into this room to destroy it.

And then it got a little better when I changed out the side tables for ones that fit.

Slowly but surely the change was happening ☺
Then Christmas came and we had to move the sectional out of the living room and into the front room to make room for the tree.
And sadly, it has stayed that was ever since..two years later... - my poor guests have no room to sit in the living room anymore.lol. Hopefully I'll change it back this year....we'll see.

I bought this awesome ottoman for $30 at RC Willey.
Amazed? I was too...and completely elated.
RC Willey has aweseom Wacky Wednesday Web deals on their website where they deeply discount stuff every wednesday. Its great!
Its like it was meant to go with the sectional.

A few more changes later.
I'm not sure how I felt about the changes at the time.
I was really not happy with it and I have no idea why.
Too many blue hues and white?? I think it reminded me of a hospital. lol

I then added some color.
Got this kickin' rug at ikea for $20.
Made some art for nothing and added pops of orange.
This stayed like this for maybe two or three weeks.
I still wasn't feeling it.
Do you ever get that feeling???

I did until I had a revelation.
Forget fung shway.
I wanted this room to be hugged, not opened ☺

And stylish. Not just thrown together.
So I moved the sectional where half of it floated in the room, somewhat blocking the entry to the room...but I still have a walkway, so it fit just snuggly.

Here's my new POP of color - pretty burnt orange and maroon flowers.

I think this is a good thing....for now ☺
And yes, I know those pictures are hanging too high. Sadly though, that IS eye level for me. I pity anyone who comes to my house shorter than 5 feet for they won't be able to look at any of our pictures or art.lol.
Those for now are going to stay that high as a marker for the height I want my board and batten....which I was suppose to do last week.
Oh well, within in time.
Thank you for listening to my ramblings.
Until next time....


  1. I cant believe you picked up that rug for 20 bucks! Great find!

  2. Love the rug, I think the room looks great! Very clean and serene!

  3. I think your house looks gorgeous! I am seriously jealous about the rug though :P


happy DIYing! Alicia