Flower Ring Tutorial

Hello all! I hope you had a fantabulous weekend!

I got a little bug in me this weekend to be crafty....and lazy...But we won't talk about the lazy part and the fact that I didn't even change out of my pjs on Sunday.
I've seen these flowers around and decided to give it a try. I had some scrap fabric on hand, so I figured, hey! why not? plus I had a plethora of time on Sunday to do nothing, hehe
Okay. So I guess I mentioned that this was a tutorial, so first things first. Supplies:
1" strip of fabric at least 12" long or longer, depending on size of flower
Some flame source
Hot glue
and Bling!

I cut the strip of fabric to about 1" wide, and with my cutting ability it probably is truly about 1/2" to 2" in some parts.lol.
Then I took a flame to the edges to prevent fraying and to create a really cool after effect on the done flower. (fyi: some fabrics ignite when you do this, so be careful. I used satin fabrics on most of my rings, and also, always keep some water near by just in case)

Next, I just folded the first inch or so lengthwise twice, then started wrapping the fabric around itself to create the middle. Once I went around five or six times I hot glued the next length of fabric in place. Then when the 'folds' were no longer happening, I just started twisting the fabric as I continued to go around and around, gluing the fabric every half turn or so.

Once I ran out of fabric, I made sure to leave an inch tail...

Then hot glued the tail to the bottom of the flower, pressing hard to make sure it secures all the fabric.
I then took a 'circular' piece of remnant fabric, burnt the edges, and hot glued it to the back of the flower, again, just to pertify it a little bit :)

Next, I got a stone ring and hot glued that baby right to the back!

Got a little bit of bling, hot glued that to the center.

Then got my handy dandy tweezers and started picking off all the random strays of hot glue mess.

And there you have it! This burnt orange one above is just that! I took a flame to the finished flower to make the edges a little more crispy...and burnt.
(Get it...burnt orange. lol, jk)

I also did this with some ribbon and it turned out great!

So, can you tell I was bored this weekend?....or I mean, really crafty?
Believe me, that isn't that half of it. Literally. I think I made like twenty of these rings so far, in a ton of different colors. It helps that they only take at most five minutes to do  :)

Have fun crafting ladies!

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  1. These are so cute! I want one! Where do you get the rings for them?

  2. These are SO well done and cute! Thanks for sharing the great tutorial!

  3. o my gosh !! this are awesome!!! Thanks

  4. I love these! I've been scouring the blogs to find the right gift to give 50 women...may have found a winner. This will be a great project for my daughter and I to tackle. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  5. I love the flowers,thanks so much i want some new pillows and this will be the pop i need !!!!


happy DIYing! Alicia