Thursday, August 15, 2013

Redecorating my living room {reveal}

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My husband came home to quite the surprise last week. I kept asking him help switch the furniture from the front room with the furniture in the living room...and well, I'm not patient. And he probably knew that and figured I would eventually do it on my own. And I did :) I guess he knows me too well lol.
living room design
living room before

This was a hard decision to make. I looove my living room. I love the two chairs and the tree stump coffee tables. I love how the seating is broken up. I just love(d) everything about it. And front room. I finally...finally! it looking the way I wanted. I was almost more in love with it that I was my living room. Almost. And it had only been decorated like that for maybe a month.
decorating a living room
Living room before

living room design
front room before

But...well. I have this little bean that keeps growing and growing :) She's finally crawling and going everywhere so I knew I needed to baby proof my house. We had some friends over a few weeks ago, and one of their little ones fell right into one of the stumps with her chest. Knocked the air right out of her and she started bawling like crazy. I felt soooo bad :( And then, just the next day, I was stepping over Max and rammed my shin into the stump. Holy Moly. That thing bumped up about three inches high....and the bruise was like 5 inches in diameter. I kid you not. I then realized how dangerous these things were around a baby..especially when she's starting to learn to walk and scooting herself around furniture. ...and that is exactly why I bought the ottoman that was in the front room (for $30 might I add :) )

I also wanted to get rid of the chairs and the glass table. I figured having the sectional in here might be better for her to move around on while holding to the edges.
white living room
living room after

Plus, another reason for moving everything was to get my studio set up in the front room. I kept having to move half the sectional and ottoman out of the way every time I did a shoot which was a pain in the kiester.

So alas. As much as I hated changing both rooms that I already loved so much. I finally complied and did. It's funny the process of thinking about it and doing it, I thought the front room would look fabulous and the living room would look like crap lol. And well, the complete opposite happened. The front room looks like crap and the living room looks beautiful :) Figures.

So for now, that is why you only get to see the living room. The front room...well, I just have one more project to do in there before it's ready to be seen :)
living room design
I love the sectional being in here, I thought it would make the space look smaller but it does the complete opposite. Plus, in a way, it's really cozy :) I'm sure friends and family are mouthing silently "finally!" lol. We can easily squeeze 8-10 people on this thing if we needed. It seats a lot more than just a couch and two chairs.

And that cute little chair in the corner? A mother's day gift from the hubs. Yep. He knows me way to well. Isn't it the cutest chair ever?! And so comfortable :)
decorating a living room
And that lantern on the ottoman? That's the one I bought to go outside that never made it past the living room lol. Now can you see why it never made it outside? It looks too perfect in here.

I am sooo happy with the way this room looks. And the biggest plus about this??? I can hide clutter and toys and who knows what behind the couch and no one would ever know :) In fact, right now, the side table that use to be on the side of the couch is behind it since I'm too lazy to take it to the basement....and all of Max's toys are strewn about. See? Never would have known :)
living room design
I love updates like this. I wish I did this months...or even years ago! It's so fun changing things around and making you feel like you have a new house again. Although I'm not looking forward to moving things back for Christmas. The sectional is right in the way of where we put our Christmas tree :(