Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hardware Store Christmas Tree Ornament

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 Hi all! I had a little fun with today's ornament and decided to visit the hardware store for some of the pieces. Hardware store equals fun for me :)
"Christmas Tree" ornament made from hardware store brackets
This Christmas Tree was made using corner brackets. You can buy different sizes and tier them or just use the same single size like I did.
"Christmas Tree" ornament made from hardware store brackets
 I started off by spray painting mine white. Then I hot glued a string of jute along the backs to keep them together, leaving a little loop at the top for hanging.
"Christmas Tree" ornament made from hardware store brackets
 It looked too boring just plain like that, so I cut some balls off a stick of beaded garland and hot glued them in the holes.

For one of them, I used some pearl white beads, but decided I needed a little more contrast.
"Christmas Tree" ornament made from hardware store brackets
So, I opted for some 'iced' covered red balls instead :) I love the look of this.

"Christmas Tree" ornament made from hardware store brackets

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  1. Did you put the ice on the red berries? If so, what did you use? CUTE!

    1. My name is Rhonda not anonymous... :o) couldn't figure out which way to post my comment...

    2. Oh no. I would have no earthly idea how to make them look so cute lol. I just bought them like that :)

  2. So cute! I love a hardware store craft project!

    :) Linda


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