Merry Christmas Jute Garland

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We are over the hump with our 12 Days of Christmas Crafts series! Only 6 more left :) Which will put us right into the week of Thanksgiving!! Ahhh! I can't believe it's that close already. I saw a sign today at Home Depot saying "12 days left until Black Friday". It made me do a double take. I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! Doesn't it seem that the older you get the quicker time goes? It's driving me nuts :)
Merry Christmas Jute Garland
 Today's Christmas ornament is a super easy one...pretty much self-explanatory :) I saw a tree once that had a huge "Merry Christmas" spelled in it and I loved it. Well, my tree that is currently up is like a Charlie Brown tree, so that would look ridiculous. Instead I made a small scale version. I call it garland, but really, it's just an ornament since it's so small :)

All it takes are some cute small letters and some jute! ...well, and paint if you want :) I got the small letters from Michaels. I think they measure about 5/8ths of an inch. So, pretty small.
Merry Christmas Jute Garland
 Once I painted the letters, I just hot glued them onto a string of jute. Left a couple of inches on each side so it had something to hang by in the tree.
Merry Christmas Jute Garland
 Make sure your jute is not twisted when you glue or else you may get crazy letters....some flipping, going backwards, etc...and then of course, that would drive you mad, like it did me :)
Merry Christmas Jute Garland
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*Some materials I used were purchased using a gift card given to me by Michaels.


  1. I'm so thankful for your sweet crafts series, they are so cute and thrifty and a good chance to do some holiday preperation with kids. Here in Germany, we usually do not decorate until the 1st of December, and the tree (almost everyone has a real, not an artificial Christmas tree) is never put up before the 23th of December. That means, we'll have plenty of time to steal all your pretty ideas :)

    1. I usually don't decorate until after Thanksgiving, which is usually the end of November. I don't know how I would last waiting until 2 days before Christmas to decorate a tree! How long do you leave it up?

  2. I love a good banner, and how cute is this mini one? I would love to see it in large scale like you're talking about. It would be so pretty!


happy DIYing! Alicia