Neutral Green and White Fall Mantel

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Green and White Fall Mantel
So I'm going to admit something here. I have a decorating blog, yes....but I have become sooo lazy in my decorating over the past month for some reason. Truthfully, I didn't even want to do a Fall mantel this year. It's like the easiest kind of decorating ever, but that didn't matter :) I think I have become complacent with my mantel. I really liked the way it was decorated. Kind of a beachy theme, really looked good with the rest of the why change it? Truth be has been the same since I took the Christmas decor down, and it was the same most of last year also.

Neutral Fall Mantel
I decided that I should at least attempt to decorate it...or change it up. If I didn't like it, I would change it right back to the beachy theme. Beaches have Fall, so why not, right?? :) I tried a few times, and they were total fails. I was this close....this! close to changing it back. Then I decided to shop my house again (not just the storage this time) and find things that would work, taking items from other rooms. And whattyaknow. Finally came up with something that I liked :) Problem I have to find something to replace all those things in the other rooms lol.

Now that I think of it, I'm really not lazy with my decorating. I had this mantel up just in time for the first day of Fall. So...yeah ;) ...we won't talk about the other times I started decorating for Fall August 1st.....

I'm loving the trend right now of neutral fall mantels....or non-traditional fall mantels, sans reds and oranges. I've decorated my mantel the past few years as neutral as possible, and this year is no different :) ...except, I decided to add a dash of green.
Neutral Fall Mantel
I made these vases and candle last year for my repurpose a sweater series.

I made the little white and jute pumpkins a couple of years ago. Totally worth it, I use these every them :)
Fall Mantel

The wreath I just threw together. Got the burlap flower from Hobby Lobby.

Now if the weather will cooperate for me to start wearing boots without sweating my butt off :) I have a small....small...obsession with boots. And, let's just say that Zulily doesn't help things. I should probably delete the app from my phone lol.


  1. How do you keep everything white with kids and a husband around? I am seriously impressed. I would love to do a light taupe slip cover for the couches, but I'm terrified.

  2. Your mantel is lovely! I love a simple fall mantel!
    House on the Way

  3. I think your mantel looks great! I'm exactly the same when I'm happy with a room, not wanting to change it up.

  4. So chic and sophisticated! Loving the light olive green pumpkin, just the perfect amount of minimal color!


happy DIYing! Alicia