Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY Hanging Storage Baskets

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DIY Hanging Storage Baskets -all you need are baskets and some rope!

I can't believe October is already upon us! And you all know what that means . . . Walking Dead is coming back!! :) Kind of excited about that...I just hope that it's better than last season, or maybe I should say, I hope things actually happen in the episodes this time around. I'm sick of watching a whole episode and having nothing happen in it. Anyway :) ...if you are a Walking Dead fan, you totally know what I mean..

So, now that the little babe is practically walking around everywhere, pulling herself up on anything and everything...and now that she's actually using her nursery :)... I had to take out the cute little lamp in the corner. I had crazy fears of it falling over on her, so out it went...and in came a wonderful blank corner.
Baby Girl Nursery Design
I wanted some storage in there, but was once again worried about a little corner shelf that she could possible pull down on herself. So, I started thinking and realized that the solution was something that couldn't rest on the ground....well, and it had to be cute, and of course a little whimsical and unique.
DIY Hanging Storage Baskets -all you need are baskets and some rope!

I found these baskets at Gordmans. I love them. The chicken wire and linen are perfect together. And on that note....just an fyi for all you basket buyers out there, Gordmans has a super awesome selection of baskets for decent prices. I used to go to Ross, but recently every time I go to Ross and can't find what I'm looking for, I can always find it at Gordmans. So if you are lucky enough to have a Gordmans in your area you are set :).... that is if you aren't lucky enough to have a Home Goods close by. Home Goods has scores and scores of awesome baskets and storage totes...I'm one of those unlucky ones in that case :(

So on to the project...since these baskets are hanging storage suspended from the ceiling it solves two problems: 1. It's not on the ground and can't fall on her. 2. It's high enough that she can't pull herself up onto it. Problem solved.
DIY Hanging Storage Baskets -all you need are baskets and some rope!

To get these to hang, I used some cotton line. I cut 4 pieces each at the same length.

I then marked each piece where I wanted to have it knotted on each basket. So, three baskets, three knots, three equadistant marks.

For the bottom basket, I knotted the line on the handle. The the second basket, found my mark, and knotted it on the handle...and the same for the third basket.

I repeated this process with each piece of line. To end it off, I just tied the four pieces in a knot and hung it on the ceiling.
DIY Hanging Storage Baskets -all you need are baskets and some rope!

Of course this isn't the kind of storage for heavy stuff, but perfect for small toys, blankets and hair bows.

And while we are talking about the little one...well at least her nursery...I need some advice. I don't know what else to do and I have tried everything. She will not take naps. Flat out refuses to take naps! She has never been one to take naps even since she was a newborn but I know that she needs them. I have been putting her down to take them and pretty much just letting her cry it out. She'll cry for hours if I let her. I usually let her go about 30 minutes before I go in. Oh, and if she does end up falling asleep, it's like for 20 minutes...tops. This mama can't get anything done anymore :( Any advice on how to get a baby to fall asleep? ...I'm really tired of hearing her scream bloody murder every time she goes down for one. (p.s. I have been blessed that she sleeps through the night..mostly). Thanks in advance :)