Monday, October 1, 2012

Old Sweater Project Series: Vase Cozies

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 Welcome to the new series!!! I figure since cold weather is just around the corner, why not find some new uses for all the old sweaters you will inevitably have lying around your house once you buy some new ones for this season? :) Right? If you don't have a shopping problem like me and don't think you'll have any, then just stop on by any thrift store and get yourself some. lol. They are the perfect way to bring warmth in your house! And just a tip, when you are looking for some at the store, you'll probably get more bang for your buck if you look at the men's sweaters. I found that you get a ton more material to work with and they are sometimes less expensive :) Just an it's kinda hard bringing yourself to cut up a cute girly sweater compared to a men's sweater which you will probably never want to wear ;)
Sweater Vase Cozy

 Each day this week, I'll be going through a different decorating "use" that you can do easily using old sweaters. Today? A vase cozy. Or sweater vase...or vase sleeve....whatever you want to call it.

To start off, take your old sweater. Slip the vase that you want to use through the sleeve, having the top part of the vase meet the top part of the sleeve and then mark where the vase ends on the sleeve. Take the vase out and the cut the sleeve at the mark. 

Now, most sweaters have a narrow sleeve so they will fit most vases, but this sweater had a crazy narrowing sleeve (big to small), that wouldn't work for any of my vases. So, I just sent it through my sewing machine to make it all one width, and then cut off the excess fabric.

 To secure the sweater to the vase, (if you need to. I found that I didn't need to do this on most of my vases), use some hot glue or double sided tape.

Place the double sided tape on the bottle and top edges of the vase and press the sweater on it.

 Super easy and simple! And it brings the perfect amount of warmth to a space even without using much color :) Or even more warmth and texture if you are not like me and are using color ;) lol
Sweater Vase

You can also add some buttons on the sweater for another look. Below I just used a plain ribbed sweater sleeve, scooted it around the vase to create a diagonal and then hot glued some wood buttons.
Upcycle Sweater
Stay tuned for tomorrow's fun project!

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