Old Sweater Project: Repurposed Shoe Boxes

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Old Sweater Projects
Hey all! The next craft for this series came from my weird problem of keeping shoe boxes. They are perfect to store stuff in, and perfect to wrap stuff in for Christmas...I just don't like getting rid of them. They have too many potential uses :)

But, the only problem with them? Most are pretty ugly lol. Or just don't match. So, what better way to put your old sweater to a new use and make them all match?? :) I'm using this one below to store some of my candles, it's not really necessary, but it sure looks pretty lol

Reuse Old Sweater
First step to making these. Measure the height of your box and cut the sweater to that height plus an inch or so. I used the bottom of one of the sweaters, and then cut around the whole thing at the height I needed. I had a lot of excess fabric once I was done, just enough to make a another box ;)

 Now to secure the sweater to the box. Unless you are super woman, more than likely your cut is not very straight, but don't worry about that now. Use the finished and straight edge of sweater and line it up with the top of the box and secure with hot glue along the top and sides.

Run the sweater around the box securing as you go. Once you get to the last side of the box, first pull your sweater to the end without gluing it. Mark where it should be cut. Then cut. Now glue :)

Now for that uneven edge. Use a rotary fabric cutter or exacto knife if you don't have a cutter, go along the edge of the box and cut the sweater. Now you should have a good finished edge!

For the middle of the box, just to jazz it up a little, line it with some paper. Just outline each side of the box on the wrong side of the paper to get the correct dimensions. Cut out the pieces.
 And secure the pieces inside the box with double sided tape.

Now I chose not to do a lid for this box, plus it might be hard to fit the lid over the box with the sweater fabric on it, but if you want to give it a whirl go for it :)
Recycle old sweater

Now to tackle the other 30 boxes I have lying around :) lol....I kid, I kid, I'm not that bad....okay....maybe just a little ;)

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  1. get outta town- you are knocking my socks off with these sweater projects! Great stuff... such awesome ideas! Keep them coming!

  2. No way! That is fantastic! What a completely awesome idea!

  3. Super cute! LOVE, love, love it.. Thank you for sharing :)


happy DIYing! Alicia