Old Sweater Project: Candle Embellishment

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Old Sweater Projects
Yeah! Happy weekend...almost :) Here's the fifth and final part of the old sweater project series. Now that you've made all the other wonderful projects, you'll more than likely have a whole bunch of random scrap sweater fabric leftover. Some big enough to use for other things, some not so big. So why not put your scraps to good use too and cover a candle?

Below I used a scrap piece to cover a glass candle. All I did was tie some thick jute around the sweater scrap to secure it.

Sweater Candle Embellishment

 I did the same thing below with a pillar candle. This candle is for decorative uses only, so I don't burn it. If you are using a pillar candle to burn, use your own discretion on the proximity of the flame to the jute/sweater :)
Sweater Vase
There you have it! Some quick and simple uses for your scrap sweater fabric :)

To view the rest of the series, just click on the project below!


  1. Great ideas for old sweaters.....I love recycling things. I cut out some circles and made pins with mine.

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happy DIYing! Alicia