White and Orange Fall Mantel

White and Orange Mantel

When I said I have more than one Fall mantel, I wasn't kidding :) This is only the second...which I just changed from something else which I'll write about soon. But, since this one was on the top of the SD card, it goes first :) lol.

First off, can I tell you how much I miss that we didn't plant pumpkins this year?? Ugh. It's the absolute worst buying pumpkins from the store :( lol. I had a plethora of pumpkins last year, all shapes and sizes, and this year? Nothing. So, just to say the least, pumpkins are a little scarce around my house right now. I have two on the porch and three small ones on my mantel :) And if I'm lucky, one or two of these will be turned into pumpkin pie if they last until November. Keep your fingers crossed!

 So this time around for my mantel, I took it from neutrals of whites and silver pumpkins...to well, whites and orange pumpkins lol. I figured it was about time to add some more color into the room. 
Decorating for fall

I think....well, I hope, the hubs appreciates my use of his elk antler on the mantel. I tried to put it on here a few times, but it never fit. I have no idea how it fits this time around. Seriously. I'm baffled. lol. And is it bad that I use that same white vase and spray painted branches almost every time on the mantel, no matter what decor??? I just goes with everything! Along with the books :)

As for the glass bottles, I got them all at hobby lobby at one point or another. The small flowers are dried orange flowers (I have no idea what kind...the orange kind ;) ) but I've had them for years and use them all around the house for decorating. They are wonderful :)

Fall mantel
 One of the best things I have found about keeping your furniture and main items in the living room neutral is that you can easily change the smaller....therefore cheaper...items around at the drop of a dime. I did have the orange pillows in the crate on the chairs, but it was just way to much orange for me...plus they are a burnt orange, so at night they looked red...and well red just reminded me of Christmas and I was not about to put Christmas in my house in October :)

Plus, these pillows on the chair are another one of those pieces that fit pretty much any season...probably except winter. They have the perfect colors in them :)

While taking pictures on the space, on a whim, I decided that something needed to go in that corner by the flowers. I was thinking molding, but then it came to me....ah ha! My knock off ballard designs garden district mirrors (click here to view the tutorial)! Can I just tell you how much a difference they made??? I don't know why I didn't think to put them there earlier. ...and it's always a good sign when the hubs actually likes it lol.
Fall living room
 See, here is the before without the mirrors. Not bad, plain though. I think the area just needed some height, so the mirrors work perfect :)
fall living room
All in all, I think I'm satisfied with this little hint of fall in my house now :) Pretty much all I did was add an orange glass bottle, threw in some pumpkins, and hid a few orange pillows in a crate. lol. Makes me seem lazy....but it just shows what a few good pieces can do when you have neutral decor :)

Now to get on with decorating for Halloween and figuring out my costume! I have no idea what to wear. I'm thinking that being pregnant, I can try to have fun with it....maybe a pregnant cheerleader? Then the hubs can go as a jock? Or a pregnant nun?? (me go as a pregnant nun obviously...lol, or that would be pretty funny to see a male pregnant nun...whoa lol) I have no idea. Do you have any good ideas???


  1. Gorgeous! It's so chic and pretty!

  2. This is the first time in a long time I have conscientiously been ready for a change on my mantel for fall, thanks to blogs...and I feel better then ever. Love the fact s little change may be all that is necessary

  3. For Halloween you and hubby can be M & Ms. He is the plain, and you are the peanut (preggers) :-)

  4. your home is SOOOO beautiful!
    may I come over... maybe sit in your living room, read a book, and pretend I'm in a magazine? :) Seriously LOVE fabric on your chair pillows. Well done.

  5. You could do this for Halloween! :)


    I'm your newest fan and love/adore/drool over your blog.


happy DIYing! Alicia