Shabby Chic Framed $5 Door Mirror

So, I broke a mirror while doing this project. Does that saying '7 years of bad luck' still apply this day in age? If so, I broke a mirror like a year ago, so does that mean my 7 years runs consecutively or concurrently? It would be horrible if it was consecutively...with all the mirrors I've broken in my life time, I'm sure I would die before my bad luck ran out lol.

Anyway. Moral of the story, don't step on your mirror during this project :) Second moral? If you do, make sure your husband isn't there to see it and make fun of you for your idiocy.
diy framed door mirror
I've been wanting to make this mirror for awhile now, but have been dragging my feet. I don't know why, I had all the stuff for it. I guess it's just hard to get things done around here with a's actually amazing how much stuff I don't get done lol. I had the idea for over a year, the wood for over a year, and the mirror (s) for over a month. In the middle of this, I was actually thinking that I would rather make a table instead of finish this up lol. I don't know why that made sense in my head, but it did. This isn't a hard project at all....At all. Super easy. But at least now you get an idea of the going ons in my head ;)

This is maybe a two hour project. Here's the list of supplies:

Step 1:
Line up the 3 cedar planks and secure them together on the back. Measure your mirror and make sure that your cedar planks are positioned along the back so that they will go to the top and bottom of the mirror when the mirror is on. For me and my measurements, this meant they were about 1/2 inch from the ends of the 3 large planks. I then screwed them in with 1" screws to each plank.
Step 2:
Print and cut out template and tape onto the middle back of the cedar planks. Outline with a marker.
Step 3:
Use your jigsaw and cut out the outline.

Hint: To start off, drill a hole where the wood is going to be cut out, then start your jigsaw in the hole.

Step 4:
Sand the edges if needed.

Step 5:
Paint or stain. On the backside, make sure to paint a few inches in from the cutout since you'll be able to see this in the mirror reflection.
Step 6:
Secure the mirror to the back of the cedar planks with some Gorilla Glue.
Step 7:
To hang, secure picture mounting hardware to the back.
And there you go! Now ask me why I would rather make a table than this??? lol. I have no idea. I guess I really want a table. I really wanted this too, but....who knows :) I'm super glad I have it now though and finally made it.
shabby chic framed mirror
It's the perfect addition to my wall between the living room and dining room. I had a couple of empty frames hanging there for the longest time. They were way too high and looked really funny:
living room design
and with the new mirror:
diy framed mirror

Now I have an extra mirror to bounce light around the room...nothing better than that :)
shabby chic mirror

The cost for this was $5. If you need to buy wood, it'll probably come closer to $12 or so.

Now maybe I'll get started on that table lol. ...and probably nothing to do with mirrors for awhile, ya know...just in case ;)

The template size is 10x45. It should fit on about 5 pages landscaped.You can skew it and play around with it to make it the best size for you.
shabby chic frame template


  1. Hi, Love the mirror! This is the first time I have found myself at Thrifty and Chic - a lovely follower of my blog sent me a link to this project. Love the mirror and after looking around it looks like we are kindred spirits. I am all about thinking up new ideas for making beautiful stuff for my home for as little money as possible too. If you get a chance, drop by and say hello sometime.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love how it stands out in the room and adds that shabby chic feel to the room. You did wonderful. Thanks for sharing how you made it and for linking up to Thrifty Thursday.

  3. Gorgeous mirror, your space is so beautiful and bright! You get a chance, please link up to the Suburbsmama Sunday Linky Party:

  4. I agree with you and Both the morals are up to the mark. Even I would like to modify the moral 2nd as not only the husband but your kids do the same.


happy DIYing! Alicia