Top 10 Cedar Plank Projects

cedar plank projects

If you read my blog very often, you probably know my obsession with cedar planks. They are like the lifeline to many of my projects. They are cheap and they give projects an awesome rustic look. I finally decided to round up my top ten cedar plank projects...which I have been promising forever now, so sorry it took so long ;)

(click on the pictures below to take you to the tutorial)
diy wood headboard
 First up on the list is this very cheap headboard I made for my guest room/office earlier this year. It brought the perfect rustic-ness (?) to the somewhat more romanticesqe room.

diy planked wall
 Now for my planked wall. This is the top thing in my house that I get compliments on when guests come over. The amount of character it has brought into my house is wonderful :) And the best thing...sometimes, you get that nice hint of cedar smell. Its lovely ;)
diy sunburst mirror
 Now for the cedar planked mirror that is currently adorning my cedar plank walls. Too much plank on plank? I don't think so. lol. This was created as a knock-off of a Pottery Barn mirror. It's a huge statement piece, so if you like the look and want something cheap and are looking for a statement piece, here you go!
diy shelf crates
 These crates were also made using cedar planks. I want to say I made them all out of remnant pieces I had. These would also look perfect in a bathroom with some towels and soaps on them :)
diy farmhouse table
 At one point in time, I had attempted to transform my brown table into a white rustic one without actually painting it. I just made a faux table top out of cedar planks, then cut some legs out of plywood and painted it all white. I had it like this for a few months, then wanted to do a cedar plank wall. Talk about too many planks in the same space! I ended up using the table top as part of the finished wall :)
diy wood crate
 Here's another nice little crate. This is why I love working with cedar. You can just put on one coat of paint and get this look. It transforms it from that orangy-brown to a beautiful white, but you can still see the wood grain.
diy wood vase
 I made a few vases a few Christmas' back with some planks also. If you click on the link, you can see the vases. This picture also shows how easy it is to corral a few things for a unified look. Just an FYI, warning....making these back in the day without a nail gun...well, lets just say...I find my technique a little interesting ;) lol
barnwood door
 For fall last year, I made a barn door for my mantel. This would also be really cute to make as a larger scale and use as a headboard :)
diy planter boxes
And last but not least, using some planks for our window boxes. Cedar is an awesome outdoor wood. These boxes have been through 3 summers and 2 winters and have faired beautifully :) The only difference now than back then? All my flowers are dead lol

I hope this has given you some ideas and a little inspiration to start using cedar planks in your projects :) If you need any, I have about a bazillion pieces in my basement, so come on over. lol. ..jk...although I'm sure the hubs would love it :) He would probably ask you to take a few of my  'to refinish sometime in the near future' pieces of furniture with you. I think he's had it up to HERE with me. (I'm pretty much pointing to mars right now:) lol.

I won't mention what he thinks of the two quite large armoires I now have taking up my spot in the garage :) I'm sure you all know how it is though, right? ....please just say yes :) lol
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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! All of these projects are super fabulous!! I was actually going to go to Lowe's and buy cedar planks later this week for an outdoor project - have you worked much with cedar outdoors? Does it hold up well? Do you get it any special place, or is a place like Lowe's a good price compared to others?

    I'd LOVE to hear from you when you get a chance :)


  2. LOVE - I am obsessed with pallets - upside is mike gets them free at work - downside is they're a little short...i have pallet shelves on my wall!!!
    everything looks awesome!!!

    Christina - my cottage had cedar siding - help up great just needed some painting updates ;)

  3. I LOVE the barn door you made for your mantle. Its perfect for fall and looks AMAZING!


  4. So many incredible options! I think the plank wall and plank mirror are my faves. The mirror- I must try! I'm here from House of Hepworths, and became a new follower! I would LOVE if you stopped by my brand new blog and took a look around. If you like what you see, follow me too! Thanks for the great ideas, and have a good Thursday!

  5. Great ideas! I will start scouting the countryside for pallets! Please visit me at I just added some before and afters that were done so cheaply! See you again!

  6. I have a barndoor headboard. I bought it at an auction and whitewashed it. I love it and have gotten so many compliments on it!


happy DIYing! Alicia