Cedar Plank Vases

Happy Holidays!
I love decorating for Christmas....it totally brings the creative bug out in me.
Some are hits.....a few are misses.
But...hey. You should never knock it until you try it....right?

I thought this would be a hit when I imagined it in my head.
Then when I started to make it....my head turned on me and thought that it would be a for sure miss.

Luckily. My head was wrong...but then again, I guess it was also right.
Either way.
The above aforementioned cedar plank 'vase' ....'vases'....now are center stage on my mantle.

These were super duper easy to make.
Only cost the amount of the wood...which I just used a cedar plank for a fence that was like $1.
I actually used two...or maybe like two and a half once it was all said and done...but for the record....if you only did one vase, you would only need one piece of wood....probably.
Should I keep digging deeper???

Here's what you need:

4 pieces of cedar wood...cut to size... mine's 13" long each
A hot glue gun...yes...you heard me right.
A hammer

I used the hot glue to 'secure' the wood together, end to end.
'Secure' as in....don't.move.it.too.much.or.else.it.will.fall.apart....
but believe me....you'll want to do this. It makes nailing that much easier....especially when you don't have a nail gun.
which by the way Santa....I would like one for Christmas. Thank you ☺

After hot gluing all the pieces together,
I carefully hammered each piece to its connecting piece, once on the top and once on the bottom.
The hot glue helps keeps the pieces together while you are nailing them.
If you don't believe me...try nailing these together without it.
It'll convert you....just trust me.

And there you have it! A simple....five minute project....and a great showstopper ☺ (hopefully...and, no, I'm not tuting my own horn)

I made three of these...as you can see...here is one, obviously, not on the mantle.
(don't mind the ribbon...it's some craziness.lol. Thats what you get for re-using last year's ribbon ☺)

I took the same concept and built this for my centerpiece.

See...I'm lazy and didn't even build a bottom for it ☺
That would have taken just a little too long for my liking, and made my five minute project for like a six minute one.

I love introducing wood like this to my house.
First of all, it brings in the outdoors.
It brings in texture.
And hey!
So, it obviously brings in some yummy outdoorsy...christmassy....smells.



  1. Cute cedar vases! And I LOVE your centerpiece...very cute! :)

  2. Love these - what a cool way to display things.

  3. VERY cute! I also love wood items in the house. Both of my recent projects were with 'logs'. For real!
    The centerpiece is AWESOMENESS and I had to giggle you didn't 'build' a bottom. Totally fab.

  4. This is one to keep in the files. Thanks, they;re great!


happy DIYing! Alicia