Monday, December 6, 2010

Jute Christmas Trees

Hey all! I'm always looking for fun new ways to bring texture into my home. And as we all know.....what better way to do it than using JUTE! Am I right??
First off. Its cheap.
Second off. You get a lot of it.
Third off. Its soooo so easy to use and has tons of decorative uses.
I can keep going.....
and fourth off...
Just kidding ☺
I'm not done yet ☺ And fifth makes super cute christmas trees!

It started off like this:
A couple...or three....floral cone styrofoam thingies
and some Jute!
After trial and error, I decided that the best way to go was starting from the bottom and going up or else some of the jute will fall over on itself. I just taped the bottom layer, or single strand, of jute to the base to secure it and just left it there. can't even tell its there, huh?

Then I just kept going up and up and up....and a few hours into the movie JK. ☺ It maybe took like 10-15 minutes each....I was done!
The top isn't a point, its more like someone cut it off (how rude) I just went round and round with the jute 'til I got to the middle.....

Then put a good dab of this good ol'stuff on it and it stayed! and a few hours later.... its super hard so it'll never go out of place ☺ Ingenious this stuff is...I swear. You can use it on everything and anything. I made my jute balls with it too☺
And a few decorative....and festive....touches later!
A super easy centerpiece for any table!
The prettiness underneath it is just a frame with some fabric in it.
So simple...yet so elegant.
And thrifty and chic ☺

They are now sittin' fireside in my living room. *sigh*