Free Remnant Art: Part 2

I love free stuff...don't we all? ☺
Therefore, when I can make items from stuff thats just lying around my house, I consider that free and thus, love it.
Did that make any sense?

You can see how I made this:

I did the same steps with this one.
Just a sheet of plywood, some fabric, a staple gun...and boom! you are good to go ☺

I just added a little paint to it.
Easy peasy art in a matter of seconds....oh and a matter of no money out of pocket.
which the hubs likes ☺ lol
I just stenciled this with some gold paint....and voila! Instant art.

I did some more stenciling on these ones also, just a different stencil. Same paint.
They were a set with the fluer de lis one....but then I decided to break the rules a little and separate them.
The wreath is hanging on the same idea. I just used burlap instead!
I love bringing textures into my home and this was an easy...and free...way to do so ☺



happy DIYing! Alicia