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I think its funny how I label everything DIY, but I guess most things I blog about is really DIY so sorry for the repetitiveness.

So, my laptop has decided to go to laptop heaven. Its been an interesting couple of days, my screen has acted like a scene out of The Ring. Its been going static white and grey and black...just waiting for some long haired girl to crawl out of it. Good visual? haha.Well, its not very fun at night when I'm in deep thought and then wham! white screen. Yes, its a little freaky.

Well, now I have a new laptop and the resolution seems to be stuck on annoying. It just won't go to a high enough resolution, so I apologize before hand if these pictures are little crazy...its quite a challenge editing things when you don't quite know what they really look like.

Now to get on to things.... I've been wanting to make some simple crates for awhile now, I think they are the perfect place to store blankets and pillows and what not when you are really low on storage space, as I am....a.k.a. the whole no closets in the house thing. Yeah. It gets pretty annoying sometimes, but it makes me improvise. And the crate is one of those improvisations.
diy crate
 This cost about $4 to make (depending on what size you make them). What you will need:
  • 2-3 cedar planks
  • one 2x2
  • saw
  • nail gun (or nails and hammer)
build a crate
 Step 1: Cut the cedar planks to size. You'll need 4 of the same size for the front and back, and 4 of the same size for the two sides. So 8 cuts total (plus the ones you'll need for the bottom). I cut mine to about 30 inches by 14 or so inches. The best thing about this, is that you can make it any size to fit where ever you want! You can make it as tall as you want also, just add more planks. Easy peasy. You'll want to cut the 2x2 to the height you want for the crate. I gave mine a little bit of a gap in between the planks, so I think it ended up measuring about 12 or 13 inches high. Cut 4 of these.
Step 2: Secure two pieces of the same size plank to one of the 2x2s. Have it flush on top and bottom. Do this to both sides. (I started mine with the longest planks). I then took the other two long planks and did the same thing.
Step 3: Stand the nailed pieces up and place one of the smaller cut planks on the bottom, nail in place.
Step 4: Place the next plank on the top, make it flush, and nail. Just a hint, to make flush without crazy finger placement that may or may not be in the way of the nail gun, turn the whole thing upside down and finish it like in step 3. Do this to the other side too with the left over planks.

Now you should have all four sides done and secure. If you are using this for something heavy duty, make sure to secure everything with wood glue before you throw in the nails.
 Next is to finish the bottom. The bottom pieces, depending on which way you want the planks to go, should measure the same size as the smaller cut ones you already cut or the longer ones. For mine, I wanted gaps in between them so I only needed 4 more of the smaller cuts. This would have worked also with two of the larger cuts. Start with the outer edges and place the planks down and nail them to the rest of the frame.
 I then measure my gap with my level, makes things easier. Or you can just eye this really. And placed the other two pieces on the frame and nailed them down.
 And there you have it! If you wanted to, this would be a good time to drill some holes into the two sides for some handles. I didn't need handles for this particular crate, but will definitely do some on future crates.
diy wood crate
 Next was to paint it. I really like the natural look of the cedar, but it clashed a smidgebit with my living room. So I just gave it a good white wash.
diy wood crate
 To get this look, I like using the 'gold stained' cedar planks. They'll leave your hands orange after touching them, but I find that they are perfect to get that aged look when painting them white. I only used one coat of white to achieve this look.
build wood crate
 Here's the other side. Be sure to paint the 2x2 also, or else it may just stand out a bit. Oh, and another tip. Paint the inside of the crate! If you don't, you may or may not leave that orange nasty stain all over your blankets and pillows....or whatever else you decided to put in these.
diy crate
I'm thinking the next step is to make one of these for all my shoes that are inevitably left by the front door...which I...and the hubs...and the mutt....trip over all the time. I'm sure that would make them very happy :) I say this truthfully..cuz I know from experience the piercing of stilettos into ones arch of the foot is painful...and its also very...very dangerous for dogs. Max went running through the house one time, stepped on a stiletto heel and ripped his paw apart....had to have stitches and all. :( Poor guy. Sorry to end on such a sad note....but he's all better now, this was like years and years ago :)

Have a good week and Happy Valentines day!


  1. Amazing! But you can go to Michaels and buy the crate. ;)

  2. Wow,This is the best idea to make it.I really like this blog.White pillow colors are really increase beauty in the room.I really impress by this blog.

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  4. That is a lovely crate! I'm putting that on my "to make" list!! Looks great with your chairs!

  5. Just this morning I was thinking that I need to build a bunch of crates to organize our garage junk! We are not good at putting stuff back neatly - it just gets all thrown on the shelves, so we need some good-looking hiding places. I love this project! Love your blog too - now following. I'd love it if you'd share this idea at my Show & Tell party, going on now @ the Delectable Home.

  6. I love it! Looks great in the room!

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  8. This easy to make crate is so cool! I want crates like that when we redo our sons room in a little while. Now I may just make them myself ;-). Thanks for sharing! Love your blog, too. Have a great day - maks :-)

  9. I love these little creates. I need to make some - and your decor is darling!!! I am visiting from TT&J and would love it if you'd visit back!


  10. I like that idea esp for shoes coz organizing them is what I am looking for these days. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Looked for instructions to make little crates for gift boxes. Couldn't find anything. This will work great using cedar lath for the wood with brads and wood glue to fasten. A little jute for handles should do it. Thanks.

  12. I just loved your crate idea, it is just what I need for my house clutter such as my many shoes. Thanks again for your great idea.


happy DIYing! Alicia