Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easy way to update an old desk

Wow, this whole Monday off thing has totally thrown off my groove :) I'm not complaining all. I was actually thinking the other day, wouldn't it be awesome if you were off just as much as you worked? Like every other month, you just work two days and got five days off. How awesome would that be? I mean, I guess I can just not work at all, but that's what keeps me sane, and what keeps my insane ideas a reality :)

Here's a not so insane idea, but its an idea. A super easy one at that, something that anyone can do to update a desk or a table.
diy office decor
 So, I really wanted to paint this whole thing but the hubs keeps giving me crap about turning everything white. Plus I think that I needed a little something in my office/guest room to keep it 'grounded' and not have it float off into space. haha :) Although, you may see it painted in the next few months......cuz thats how I roll :)

Anyway. Here's the before of the desk sans crap all over it. Yes, this is sadly sans the crap. You can still see crap...and dust... I know. But you didn't see it before this picture, or maybe you did in another post, then if you did, you know this is sans crap.
As you can see from the dust, I obviously did not use this ever. It was too small for anything really and just didn't jive with my creative spirit. :) Does dark and dusty and small jive with any one's creative spirit?

 Anyway. For a cheep and super quick upgrade to a little more stylish and slightly bigger table, I turned to some 2x4s.
diy table top
 I cut the 2x4s a good six or so inches longer than the current desk top, and added an extra one on there to add a little more depth. I secured them in place with a 1x2 and some nails.
painting wood
 Then gave it a good once over...or three times over with white paint.
diy office chair
 And placed it on the top!  So so easy. Since the wood is so heavy and one side is against the wall, it doesn't move around at all, so there was no need to secure it to the desk underneath.
update old desk
And since I didn't paint the rest of it, I decided to clean up the shelves and add pops of white on them to tie the look together.

See, didn't I say quick and easy? This was like a 10 minute project (not including the paint drying time, cuz that doesn't count) that cost about $4.

Since I know some might ask, the gaps in between the wood don't bother me a bit since I don't really hand write anything anymore; this is the perfect home for my laptop :) And if I suddenly start to feel the desire to actually hand write something...either I'll just go downstairs and do it on our kitchen table...or I guess get a clipboard :)