Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DIY Planter Boxes

I admit.
I was a little MIA.
For awhile.

But, that's what the summer will do to ya' now huh?

You know another thing summer will to do you?
Make you spend gobs and gobs of money on flowers and plants.
Take my word for it, I know by experience.

So, now with my newly acquired gobs and gobs of flowers and plants (which obviously replaced my gobs of money), I need a place for them now don't I?

Problem solved.
Planter boxes!!!

So, I had this great idea (and totally easy by the way) to create a long rectangular planter/window box.
But, my husband didn't just want them to be 'rectangular', so he took over and gave them a little attitude with a nice angled edge.

Which by the way....making these took for.e.e.e.e.e.e.ver.
Like forever as in if we would have stuck with my original plan, it would have been done a week earlier.
Since he did these, I helped a little, but......really,
all I know is that the magic number is 15. (for the angle)
So, a picture speaks a thousand words right?
Well, here you go, cuz I'm not spending the time to explain how to make these :)

We made the longest at 3 feet long, the smaller ones at 2 1/2 feet.
These are made out of cedar planks and secured by cut up pieces of 2x2.
We drilled some holes in the bottom.
Painted and sealed.
And .....a week in a half later.
We finally had our beautiful planter boxes!!!

So. Then we came across a little problem.
How does one hang these newly assembled planter boxes on a railing?
Any ideas??
Well. We batted this back and forth for awhile too.
And came up with this stuff:

Thats right....screen door pulls and felt bars.
(felt bars so it wouldn't scratch up the rails)

See how they work....

Ingenious huh?

I guess we'll see how they stand up to the weather and weight and what not.

Here are our babies now:

We're hoping the flowers on the ends will start cascading over the boxes.
*Cross your fingers* cuz we all know I'm a plant killer.

And my Max buddy helping momma:

I think he's happy with the planter boxes too.