DIY Candlesticks / Plant stand

Ready to beef up those DIY muscles? What do three pieces of wood equal? A magnificent candle stand, plant stand, stand.Yep.

Here are the supplies:
8 foot 4x4 of Douglas fir.
however long 2x6 (I think it really measures to 2x5 1/2) of whatever wood
wood filler
wood glue
And if you choose to go with my direction:
Compound Miter Saw
Router/Router table

Alrighty. Now lets get started. I cut the douglas fir into three different lengths with the miter saw. Choose whatever lengths you want. Then cut the 2x6 into 6 squares. These will really have sides of 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 once you're done.
Use the router to decorate the edges of the squares to your liking.

Next. Use a large drill bit to make a hole a quarter of the way down on one of the squares side...this part will be the top and bottom of the make sure you think that through considering your routed edges.

Now apply the wood glue to the 4x4 and press one of the squares in place and center it. Let it dry.
Do this to the other side.

Now your drilled 'hole' should be visible if you did this right.
Now drill a screw through the hole on both sides. I had to use 2 inch screws for this.

Now fill the hole up with some wood filler
Let dry for a few hours and sand.
These are what you should have come up with:
See. You can't even see the holes anymore if you look reeeeeal close.
Now Paint Those Babies!
(excuse the dog...he wants to be involved in everything)

Okay. Sand the edges to distress them a little bit.I did this pretty much on every single edge.
Then stain the now distressed edges.You can use a furniture fix-it marker for this or real stain.
I did both and can't even tell which one is which.

And there you have it!

I added a stencil on the top to have a little pizazz.

I routed the edges on the bottom of the top square and the top of the bottom square. You can barely see it in the pics...but trust me...they.look.gorg!!

See. You can put whatever you want (and that will fit) on it.
Candles, vases, plants, dog, cats, kids, a cup of milk, some soda....whatever....your dinner.
Hmmm. I guess the possibilities are endless.

Okay. Now for those of you who don't have a router.
Get one.
But....until then.

You can do it this way to add a decorative edge.I just used plywood for these squares.
I cut one at 5x5 and one at 4 1/2 x4 1/2. Wood glued them together. Then used the same technique as above to finish the project.

Looks good eh?
(side these pics look really yellow to you? I have two computer screens and one says yes..and the other says no.)

Anyway. These ones are super tall. like 4 feet I think about. I stenciled all the way up and down.
I think they look like they belong in a cathedral.
I'm not sure why.

Here's the same technique...only white.With burlap.And ribbon.

I really have no idea what to put on these. you all should know by now....I have an OBSESSION with candles. Like I have about 60 candles (very rough estimate) on the first floor of my house alone. I really don't burn these candles...they are just for decoration. Oh....Add 4 more to that...I just remembered where I had more. Anyway. Some of them are burned....some not.
So, with these 'candle sticks' I was trying to not put any candles on them. And these were lying around. hmmmm. What do you think?

Alright girls!
Now get crafting!


  1. I just love your blog. You have such cute projects! I would like some advice on tool buying. I have had a craftsman cordless drill, large bulky and heavy. It is starting to die (almost a relief really) what would you recommend to replace it?

  2. Hi! I stumbled on your blog and now it's one of my favorties! You have great ideas and have inspired me to try some re-purposing of my own and oh my goodness! It's addicting! Thanks so much! I check everyday to see what you're up to next!

  3. These are gorgeous. Love them!! Can you tell us more about the stenciling you did?

  4. Wow, good job. What a good idea.

  5. Your blog is super. I really enjoy seeing real projects with real tools that are affordable. And heck yes, every woman needs a router. Bravo! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  6. what are the sizes you cut the 4x4 into


happy DIYing! Alicia