Door Wreath Saga

Hope you all had a marvelously long weekend!
We stayed home and enjoyed the (*cough*cough*) weather.
Ugh. Don't you just hate when all the storms seem to fall on the weekends?

Well. We had some big projects and some small projects that we did.
Here is one of my small...smallest....project.
And so simple.
My new door 'wreath'!

My front door looked like this for awhile after Christmas:
I had no idea what to do with it.

Then it went to this:
Which was cute for a little bit.
But totally lacking in the 'WOW' factor if you know what I mean.
(Although I'm not saying that right now it has any more "WOW" factor than it did then, but at least it upped it by a few points...hopefully.)

So, here are the supplies.
Block of foam from the dollar store.
I have four 'bushes' of flowers. Two taller ones for the back, two shorter ones for the front.
And a hanging basket.

I just stuffed the foam into the bottom of the basket
and stabbed the stems into the foam.
Easy peasy.

Now. Disclosure.
I am all about being thrifty.
Thats why I did the first monogrammed wreath, cuz it only cost a couple of bucks to do.
But then I got sick of it.
Like the next day sick of it.
So...when I went to the store to buy the supplies for this wreath basket, I watched how much it was....but didn't really care. Cuz sometimes. You just have to do what makes you happy, even if it costs a little more.

This ended up costing $17 to do.
I could have bought a wreath pre-made for that amount.
Oh well.
But....If you think of it this way. Without the sales and discounts and coupons, it would have cost me $40.
So. I guess it was somewhat 'thrifty' after all.

I'm proud of this pic below. Ya'know why?
Cuz anybody who knows me knows that I have a black thumb.
I'm like death on any plant that dares venture to my house.
Like. They are dead in two weeks.
And those two weeks are a life of misery to them.
Its not that I don't water them.
Its not that I water them too much.
I read the plant instructions and go by them religiously.
I just don't get it.

Anyway. In this picture.
I have the two plants that are flanking the door.
Yep. Been around for a few months now !!!!!
(knock on wood)
And the bottom plant, It has even lasted through a snow storm, hail, wind of 80 mph (maybe not that high, but pretty darn close) and freezing cold temps.
And somehow. It is still my hands.

Did you guys have any fun projects you finally got around to doing this weekend?

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  1. I love that on your door!! I have been looking for something like that to put on mine. Thanks for sharing!


happy DIYing! Alicia