Decoupaged Plant Stand

So. I don't consider myself a paint genius. Not at all.
I spray paint.
That's what I do.
But something in me lately has gotten me to start 'painting' more.
I'm not sure...maybe I have sustained too much unknown damage from all the spray paint fumes and my subconscious is telling me to go easy on the spray painting.

So I found this beaut at the thrift store.
It was $10.
I'm not sure why I paid that much for it.
And I'm still not sure.
But what's past is past.
Maybe I was drawn to the nice oak color, gold accents and emerald marble.
Hmmm. No.
I think I bought it because I was excited about the possibilities!

So here's where my no-paint-expertise comes into play.
I went to home depot.
Bought some paint that I liked.
Thought that it was just like the other paint I had been using but a different color.
Huh. No. No, my friend.
Not all paint is created the same.
I somehow found myself with enamel.
I put on the first coat and am looking at it like, why the heck isn't it covering very much?
Twenty minutes later.
Why the heck is this not dry yet?
Why is it all sticky?
What is going on?
That's when I look at the paint can.
Ugh. Yeah. Enamel.
I have no idea what this stuff is used for.
But its definitely not to be used if you are an impatient person like me.

So. My poor body has now sustained more unknown damage from the spray paint fumes due to my lack of not looking...and reading carefully...before you buy paint saga.
(Side note: I'm pretty sure I'm really not sustaining any damage, just in case you guys are concerned).
So. I got this baby spray painted (cuz I had no idea how enamel worked, so I went with what I knew would work) and gussied it all up.

I'm not quite a fan of marble or green marble for that fact.
But I am a fan of decoupage and pretty paper with pretty flowers :)
Which is now the new top.
I haven't quite decided what to put on it yet.
But at least I have a place for it.

So. Question.
Do any of you use enamel? If so, what do you use it on? Cuz now I have a whole paint can full of it.



  1. i like that! i am in the process of looking for a plant stand for my deck but didnt know what to do with it when i found one-im book marking this!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has done that! Guess what though, home depot will take it back, even if you have used it! They will do anything to keep a customer happy - just tell them you didn't realize what it was. Love the table by the way! I just snagged myself a plant stand for my porch and can't wait to get my hands on it tomorrow! Love your blog by the way - you are one talented girl!


happy DIYing! Alicia