Sunday, July 4, 2010

DIY Textured Pillows

Ever swoon over textured pillows like these?
DIY Textured Pillow

Well. They are so super easy to make, so stop swooning :) They will only cost you the cost of the fabric. You can learn how to  make 10 minute pillow covers here.
And then.... 
  1. Turn the pillow cover inside out. 
  2. Mark with a fabric pen the areas you want the 'puckers'.
  3. Then pinch the fabric where you marked it.
  4. Get a needle and double thread it and knot the end of it.
  5. Pass the needle through your 'pinch' and wrap it around the pinch a few times, passing the needle through the pinch every once in a while.I did this about 4 or 5 times on each pinch.
  6. After you're done, pull the thread tight and knot it off.

Do this on every mark.

Now turn inside out again.
And your done!

DIY Pucker Pillow

I use to have lots of boring pillows lying around, so I pretty much took a needle and thread to every one of  them :)This one, we sit on and move around a lot, so its not in its best shape, but the puckers have stayed together!

Here's another one:
You can put as many pinches as you want as close together as you want, maybe only in a strip down the middle or on the side. Just depends on what look you're going for and how long you want to spend on it.

Here's another great project you can do using puckers! Make your own duvet cover just using some sheets and spice it up with this same technique :) Click here to see the tutorial.