Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Up the creek without a paddle.

Want to hear a sad story?
So. I'm all excited because I'm in the middle of a mini-master bedroom makeover.
I'm painting the dressers, the nightstands, the mirrors, lamps, and anything else I can get my hands on.
I'm actually going to hang stuff on the walls :)
I may even change the curtains.
I'm kinda liking them still and not ready to part.
But who knows?

So. Before, I only had one nightstand that had a lamp.
The other 'nighstand' was a table with a huge picture on it. No room for a lamp.

Ugly huh?

But. Now I have two REAL nightstands and both beautifully painted :)

So, of course I have to get another lamp to match the lamp that is already there.

And. I know humongous drum shades aren't an every day thing at the thrift store.
But I decided to try.
And guess what.
I found the perfect HUGE drum shade to match the already HUGE drum shade in my room.

$4. Yep.

I go home. Get to work spray painting the base.
Go to the store to buy matching fabric for the shade.
No matching fabric for the shade.
I look around a little more.
Nope. Not there.
I look in the clearance fabric area.
Look every where it shouldn't be, because who knows, ya' know?
And still not there.

Frustrated I go home.
Today. Go to the other store miles and miles away.
Look around.
See the coordinating fabric, but still no sweet pretty botanical I NEED TO HAVE NOW fabric.
I do the same aforementioned looking around and heart pounding and pits sweating deal.
Still don't see any.

So. I go online.
And good grief!
Can't find it online either.

What is a girl to do?

I know I can redo the other lamp into a fabric that is available.
I love the botanical print fabric.
That's why I got it in the first place.
And next.
I don't want to undo work that I love and redo it again and hope that I love it even half as much.
Thank you for listening to my saga.
Stay tuned, I guess.
Because somehow I have to figure this whole thing out.