Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Up the creek without a paddle.

Want to hear a sad story?
So. I'm all excited because I'm in the middle of a mini-master bedroom makeover.
I'm painting the dressers, the nightstands, the mirrors, lamps, and anything else I can get my hands on.
I'm actually going to hang stuff on the walls :)
I may even change the curtains.
I'm kinda liking them still and not ready to part.
But who knows?

So. Before, I only had one nightstand that had a lamp.
The other 'nighstand' was a table with a huge picture on it. No room for a lamp.

Ugly huh?

But. Now I have two REAL nightstands and both beautifully painted :)

So, of course I have to get another lamp to match the lamp that is already there.

And. I know humongous drum shades aren't an every day thing at the thrift store.
But I decided to try.
And guess what.
I found the perfect HUGE drum shade to match the already HUGE drum shade in my room.

$4. Yep.

I go home. Get to work spray painting the base.
Go to the store to buy matching fabric for the shade.
No matching fabric for the shade.
I look around a little more.
Nope. Not there.
I look in the clearance fabric area.
Look every where it shouldn't be, because who knows, ya' know?
And still not there.

Frustrated I go home.
Today. Go to the other store miles and miles away.
Look around.
See the coordinating fabric, but still no sweet pretty botanical I NEED TO HAVE NOW fabric.
I do the same aforementioned looking around and heart pounding and pits sweating deal.
Still don't see any.

So. I go online.
And good grief!
Can't find it online either.

What is a girl to do?

I know I can redo the other lamp into a fabric that is available.
I love the botanical print fabric.
That's why I got it in the first place.
And next.
I don't want to undo work that I love and redo it again and hope that I love it even half as much.
Thank you for listening to my saga.
Stay tuned, I guess.
Because somehow I have to figure this whole thing out.



  1. your u of u/byu rivalry made me laugh! thanks for the comment, i've added you to my bloggity blog. cute stuff!

  2. I have to laugh because I can really understand your frustration! Lovely blog I am now another follower. Cheers from Australia!

  3. I just saw this same fabric in a different color on The DIY showoff blog - maybe she could help you find more? Just a thought, good luck!


  4. Isn't that the same fabric on that pillow in your blog from April 15th? Couldn't you sacrifice the pillow cover for the other lamp? Not sure if it's the same fabric, but it sure looks similar.

  5. You cracked me up! We all know what it is like to fall in love with a specific fabric. :) If I had any, I would surely send it to you! Good luck with your search.

  6. OK, so I'm trying to be polite but I'm laughing like crazy! I can identify, and, good luck! Do you want me to look though my fabric and see what I have? Not sure I have what you want, but darn, I feel for you sweetie!

  7. oh my gosh i loved your original headboard with the sash across it i want to make this for my daughter how did you make this? Where did you find the large buckle? love love love it thank you



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