Witches Hands

Okay. First things first.
To finish up last week's order of business.

After much scouring...
I found the fabric!
I had to go into the next town.
But. I found it.
So. My lamp shade is now happy :)
And so am I.
Especially because now I don't have to unstitch the pillow cover I made out of the original left over fabric I made here.

Now on to today's order of business.
I decided that I needed to add a little pizazz to the mantel in our family room.
The ceilings are like 20 somethin' feet high and I have nothing on them. So there's a lot of empty space.
But I think I like it. I kept everything down low so it seemed more cozy.
But. I decided because I have so much unused height, I needed to make up for it.
And for some reason.
I made up for it this way:

You can barely see it, but its a long twirly winding branch that goes pretty high on the mantel next to the picture.

I liked it. But I thought it may have competed with the willow branches in the 'hole' next to fire place.

And my husband thought it looked like a witches claw hand stretching up the wall.
I'm not sure where he got that idea.
But I guess I kind of agree.
But all in all. It has stayed like this for quite some time.

Here's the goods to make it:

I found this 'vase' for like $3.
The flower foam stuff was from the dollar store and so was the moss.
The spray glue I already had on hand.
Put them all together and you get this:

Now that I look at it in retrospect, I should have used a bigger vase.
Oh well.

So, since my husband got his way....months and months down the road.
And mainly because I change things up pretty often.
And also because I knew this room below needed some extra pizazz too.
And I like to add nature into my living spaces.
Here are the 'witches hands' in our front room:

What do you think?
Better place for them?

I'm thinking I'm totally digging it.

Of course. Time changes as do tastes.
So. It will probably be different in a few months/weeks.
Especially cuz I'm planning on doing some board and batten in here.
And moving the sectional back out to the family room where it belongs and will get more use.
Well. Thanks for listening to my rambles.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!


  1. i like them in the front white room. I think they add some awesome "drama line" to the corner/wall. i agree with you that they competed a little with the willow branches in the alcove of the family room. thanks for the advice on the black and decker drill, bought one and love it!

  2. I think they're very dramatic and add beauty and class to the room! I do think my fav spot is in the corner of the room, however it looks great in both locations! Hard to pick! You did an amazing job creating them!! Hugs!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~


happy DIYing! Alicia