Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Headboard upgrade...for cheap!

DIY Headboard

I loved my bedroom before but it just always felt like something was missing....maybe color on the walls? Well, I'm not quite ready to take that big step, so as you can see below, I figured I would add my own color via a sheet draped over my headboard.

It worked for a little bit, until I got tired of the dang thing always moving. So, I made my own headboard sans moving the sheet :)

Supplies needed:
  • plywood cut to size (they cut it at the homedepot for you), 
  • 2x4s cut in half, 
  • brown sheet or fabric of your liking, 
  • batting, 
  • pretty decorative buttons, 
  • staple gun, 
  • hot glue gun, 
  • drill, 
  • screws, 
  • tape measure and so on...
I didn't want to spend a whole lot of moola on batting, which can be quite pricey, so I just folded the amount I had in half and stapled it in the center of the plywood. Click here to see what this headboard looks like with a lot more batting.

I then wrapped my $4 sheet (yes, it was cheaper than fabric and much wider) around the board and stapled it on the back side making sure the corners were crisp and it pulled tightly.
I just had to have the tufted look, but I wasn't going to spend the time and energy creating it for, instead. I just got the good ol' staple gun out, measured the distances, and stapled down three times on two rows along the batting region.

I then used the hot glue gun and glued on some bling :)

Here's how I got it to stand up (this should be done before all the rest of the stuff goes on, of course). I made sure the 2x4s were at an equal height along the plywood and screwed them in with the drill in two places on each 2x4. =Not pretty. But they hide behind the bed anyway, so who really cares?
Here's the finished product:

And here's my new and improved room :)

Total cost of headboard? $16! By the far the cheapest and easiest way on how to make a headboard :)

I've made two more headboards since then using this awesome tutorial :)
A new, bigger one for my master bedroom (click here or on picture to see post)

And another one for a guest room (click here on on picture to see post)