Bedroom updates

I think the small bedroom updates that I made created the perfect balance of needed winter warmth. Here's my bedroom in the summer....nice, light, and airy (especially when I have my light blue duvet cover on the bed):

Here's my bedroom now:

Updating the lamp was super easy. Here's the before:
And the after. Not much was done, I just added some ribbon with a hot glue gun. Buts its the small details that make a big difference.
I wasn't sure about adding the brown curtains on the side, but decided to go for it and see how it turned out. And it turned out absolutely lovely :) This was an easy no sew project and the fabric cost me close to nothing. It was about $2/yard. I used a little over 3 yards and just cut it right down the middle (one section for each side of the window). I folded over the top portion and secured sections of it with cafe rod rings and then loaded it onto the curtain rod. Did the same thing on the other side, and vola! Beautimas :)
Another chic and thrifty update was the headboard. This room transformation cost about $20; they were small changes that made a big difference and I absolutely love my room now :)


  1. It looks wonderful and so cozy. I wish my room looked this clean and organized. Maybe this is the motivation I need, right? Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love the brown drapes you added - gorgeous! :)

  3. it is the details that warmed up your room! looks wonderful!!!


happy DIYing! Alicia