Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DIY Master Suite Headboard.....yes, again.

DIY headboard

My poor husband must think I'm crazy. I love change. Maybe I'm addicted to it? We've lived in our house for about a year and half now. And our bedroom has changed least four or five times, and that depends on the degree of change. If you count everything...its probably more like twenty.
Well. A week or so ago. I got one of those visions in my head. Don't you just love them? And I couldn't get it out. I knew I wanted to change up the master bedroom a little. I already painted all my furniture. But my vision was telling me that this change had to be more dramatic.
And starts.

Here's where its at so far. Yep. That would be my 3rd....yes, t.h.i.r.d....headboard in a matter of a year in a half.

But isn't she a beaut???
Brown and White Bedroom

I followed the same steps when making this headboard as the now 'retired' one I did in this post.
It only took me an hour to upholster once I got the base how I wanted it. don't you just love DIY headboards.....or DIY anything :)
Here's the original headboard....and thus, essentially, the before - before picture of my bedroom:

DIY Headboard

And making progress with the nightstands:
And after! Voila:
White DIY Headboard
All in all....I think it is a good change.

And of course....I had to make it dramatic. Its 80 inches tall, thats six and half feet!

DIY Tufted Headboard
And faux white leather.

I got the fabric half off, so all together, this baby only cost me $30 to make!

DIY Headboard
I tufted it simply by aligning 9 points and stapling them with a staple gun.
Then got my hot glue and glued on some bling!

tufted headboard

Now for more drama!!! My beautiful tan walls are now going to be colored mocha!
My curtains are coming down, and new ones are going up... and I'll actually have art on the walls! I'm so darn excited!!! ......sorry babe :)