Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wine Rack Towel Holder

I absolutely love the idea of using things for their unintended uses. Like plant stands for nightstands or end tables. Or topping a big pot with some wood/cement/door/whatever and make a really cool outdoor table. Door or shutters as a headboard. Sheets as window treatments, etc.

Well. Here is my new unintended use item:
Use an old wine rack as a towel holder
Yes. That would be a wine rack as a towel holder. See, before, my tub use to look like this -full of towels:
And thats not at its worst...at least this is somewhat organized....and the towels are folded :)

I used to have a basket under the sink for our towels. But, my husband could never remember they were there. I guess, out of sight out of mind. So, they migrated to the tub's edge. Which was fine cuz it was a cinch to just fold and throw them there. But it was an eyesore. Albeit, a behind the door eyesore. But I knew it was there.

And then I found this baby at the thrift store. For $3. And a light went off in my head.
It got itself a paint job and a new purpose in life....
Use an old wine rack as a towel holder
...to organize my towels.
I'm thinking that I like this new look...and it frees up the tub! Can't beat that.
Use an old wine rack as a towel holder