Thursday, September 3, 2009

Plant stand side tables

I had the biggest problem trying to figure out what to put in our front room, mainly concerning the side tables...Ugh. I think I even lost sleep over this. Pathetic huh?

Below is a picture of a transitional phase...waaaaay.too.clunky. Am I right? Those tables took up just way to much space in my cute petite room.

I like to shop Ross/Home Goods/TJ Maxx...all those good cheap places. While on one of my trips I found the absooluuutley puuurrrrfect side tables aka plant stands :) A beautiful solution to my problem:
They take up hardly any space and bring some curves into a hard angled room. I just love them! Who would have thought? Plant stands as a dainty little table? Figures huh. Even better....they only cost $13 each!