Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall is in the air....or table :)

So, I haven't changed my table centerpiece in months and I just changed it TWICE in ONE week. Figures huh? I guess I was just so darn excited for fall...yippeee! My favorite season :) (not that I'm wishing summer away or anything). But this is no thanks to all you girls who keep showing cute fall decorations over.and.over.and.over. I think I'm going to have a heart attack with all this excitement!

Back to my table (now that I've calmed my heart rate), I used my Martinelli Centerpiece and just added a few fall-esque flares and now I can't wait to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. Is that weird? Its September and I'm talking about something two months away....oh well. :)
I found these great gourds and pumpkins for 65 cents. 65 CENTS! So, I pretty much had to stock up and just hope (crossing my figures, knocking on wood, etc. etc.) they last until the end of November. Is there a chance??

I found the fall foliage on sale at Joanns for like $6 and this cute little flower below was only $1.

I'm so glad the time has come already to decorate for fall! I'm starting on my porch and can't wait to get it done, but my husband won't let me put any holes in my wood door or the stucco. Any suggestions on how to hang the fall (christmas, spring) foliage w/o doing so?


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