Martinelli Centerpiece

What do a few bottles of a Martinelli's and some dried up flowers your husband gave you equal? The trash, right?

That's where they were all headed until I looked at my dining table *sigh* I don't think I had changed the center piece since we moved in (its only been a few months....a long few months). So...Instead of the trash, they now equal my new centerpiece!

Yep, you heard me right. Martinelli's center piece.

I just removed the label, got to scrubbing off the glue with Glue-Gone stuff, got a hand cramp, and yet another hand cramp. And.eventually. they finally turned out beautiful. I just love the way the light filters through the green~

I'll eventually get to painting that poor beige wall :( But I don't know what color, any suggestions?

I just can't wait to put some pumpkins in the middle :) I Heart Fall.


  1. It came out reaallly cute!!!
    Good job!

  2. Just came accross your blog and you have such fabulous ideas! Great job on the centerpiece and your other fun doings :)

  3. Hello Alicia, I just wanted to tell you that I have given you a "Lovely Blog Award". Just go to my blog to see the post and contact me with any questions you may have. Sorry to post this in a comment, but I didn't see where I could e-mail you. Have a great day!!

  4. Hello Alicia - I love this idea! What a fun, updated look for a long table centerpiece. Love the green too! Thank you for sharing.


  5. I love reusing glass bottles - nice job! They look really pretty :)


happy DIYing! Alicia