Cozy White Cottage Christmas | Front Living Room Decor 2023

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Christmas is finally here... almost! I've had my home decorated for a couple of weeks now and am excited to start sharing it with you! This room has gone through multiple changes already trying to get the look that feels "just right". That's one reason why I start decorating so early...even if it doesn't feel like Christmas time yet. I like have timing to get it feeling right and still have time to enjoy it. 

Welcome to my cozy vintage living room .. well front living room... all decorated for Christmas! As you enter my home, this is the first space you see beyond those barn doors. It's a place of comfort and a place to just hang out a be. I wanted to make it extra cozy in here with lots of fluffy pillows and layers of blankets. 

I found this vintage barrister bookshelf earlier this year and had all intentions of painting it white. I'm so glad I held off. I love the vibe it brings to the room along with my other antique and vintage finds, such as this amazing milk glass lamp, crocks, clock face and other vintage goodies. 

Above the couch, I have this accordion hanger topped with another vintage wood find. Hanging on it are the amazing bells I found last year at my favorite antique store during Christmas. These bells take me straight back to my childhood when all the grocery stores and markets had them hanging up for decor. Probably can also be wedding bells now that I look at them, but I'm keeping them as Christmas bells :) 
And now for the Christmas tree and mantel. This is my favorite view, especially with my new diy curtains I made a few months ago. It brought the cottage vintage vibe to life in here. 
Rug: Rugs USA    Storage Bench: Link         Chandelier: World Market         $30 shiplap tutorial: link      Cable Knit Throw: Similar   Jute Rug: Similar
My mantel has seen at least 4 changes so far with Christmas decor and this one probably won't be the last! I knew I wanted to add more vintage elements to this with the brass candlesticks and gold bottle brush trees. Those trees by the way are from the dollar store! Who would have guessed!? I looked at a dozen of stores for bottle brush trees, only to find some pretty expensive ones or ones that just didn't go with the color schemes I was using. Went to the Dollar Tree and lo and behold...these amazing gold ones were sitting there. I snagged all they had ... which was four. ha! As I drive by others I'm be looking for more that's for sure! 
Besides the trees and brass candlesticks, I included a DIY garland made of vintage mercury glass ornaments. I then added stems from Michaels to create the swag garland.
These oversized stockings are new to me this year! They are 24" and are going to be so perfect! We put as much thought into the stocking gifts as we do the presents! I remember growing up and pretty much just getting fruit and candy. Then my mom had some epiphany .. actually I think she just talked to my aunt, and the stocking gifts never looked the same. They were stuffed to the brim with all of our favorite things. I decided to keep on that tradition. Every year, I am amazed at how much a stocking can hold. But every year, I always wished there was just a little bit more room. I'm excited to try these stockings out; they are the perfect size and stretch! 

Now back to the Christmas tree. I added this beautiful jute round rug underneath the tree collar to give it a little more character. You can find a similar rug here that would look beautiful underneath a tree! 

As for the tree decor...I always like to go out of the box. This tree is no exception! I added soft dryer balls ... yep! They give a different look that hard ornaments and bring a certain kind of softness. I also add old books pages from a reprint of a Christmas story. I like to add spring stems into the tree as well. I then added some somewhat normal decor such as these beautiful gold bells and Christmas stems and berries. 

Here are some more tips on how to create a cozy white cottage Christmas living room
  • Add layers! Be a maximalist over a minimalist, ha! Add pillows over pillows over blankets. Add rugs on top of rugs. Even layer your mantel and bookshelves with different depths.
  • Add texture! Texture is everything in creating a cozy and inviting room. Texture can be found in sweater pillow covers, thick throw blankets, jute rugs, sisal vases, garland, trees, etc.
  • Add pattern! Pattern creates more interest. I added mine mainly in the curtains, but you can also find it in throw blankets, rugs, and pillows. 
  • Create different light sources. Don't just use the overhead light. Add light to your tree..obvious, I know :) Add candles to your mantel. Add task lighting with lamps as well. 
  • Bring the outside in. Bring in nature like firewood, pinecones, and real garland. This also adds some amazing texture.

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happy DIYing! Alicia