Create Your Own Artwork With Wood Canvas - No Painting Involved!

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As I started putting out my Christmas decor and packing away my normal decor, I realized just how many canvas prints/paintings I had acquired throughout the year. I would have loved to have the kept them out, but they just didn't seem quite right with the Christmas decor. So, I decided I needed a cheap way to remedy that. So, I made my own artwork. I'm definitely not an artist, and you don't have to be either to make these DIY paintings. Now that I've done this for Christmas, this may be a new thing for me in the future! 

The supplies I used:
Piece of wood slightly bigger than desired print size
Fine grit sandpaper

Step 1:
I went onto Canva, where you can find loads of free paintings and pictures, and started searching for the perfect prints. I typed in "winter paintings" to get these pictures. I printed out about five different ons, so I'll be using them throughout my house. 
Step 2:
Here's another cute painting I'm using in my powder room. I took each painting and brushed on strokes of Mod-Podge. Doing this made it look more like a painting, rather than just a print. Wait for this to dry.
Step 3:
I cut the picture about 1" shorter than the piece of wood, leaving an approximate border of 1/2" on each side. 
Step 4: 
I used Mod-Podge to secure the paper onto the wood. Making sure it went to every edge and corner. Then waited for it to dry and harden.
Step 5:
I then used the fine grit sandpaper and roughed up the corners and edges. This is optional, but I like the rustic feel it gives.
Step 6: 
I then added Rub 'n Buff in antique gold onto the edges. This can be done with paint or stain as well.
And here's the finished piece!
As I said, I made a few of these and they will be found throughout my house this Christmas. Another one I added to this shelf are these pine trees. I love this one, since it's more subdued and looks a lot more like a painting.

Close up you can see the brush strokes of the Mod-Podge so they look more like paintings, but far away with the roughing of the edges, it gives it a better appearance than just a picture on wood.

I have a ton of Christmas DIYs and crafts coming up! Be sure to check back often as I will be sharing my full home room tours as well! Decorating for Christmas is finally done over here, now I just need to find the time to share with you! 

Not into this whole diy thing? Just want to buy one? I have a few recommendations! I actually just bought a couple myself :)

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happy DIYing! Alicia