Cozy Cottage Christmas Living Room Decor | Front Room Tour 2022

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It's about time I share this room with you! My front living room is one of the first rooms in my home to be decorated for Christmas. It used to be the only room that was decorated before Thanksgiving, but that has changed in recent years :) Now my whole house gets the Christmas touch starting at the beginning of November. 

When I decorate for Christmas, I usually have no plans and just start and go with it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it takes a lot longer to finish a space because I have to wait for items to ship to me since I'm a poor planner :) But, I find that decorating is like packing for a vacation. I never know what I'm going to feel like wearing so I pack 10 outfits for a 3 day trip. Christmas decorating is like that in that I don't know what my feeling will be the day of decorating so why even plan? :) 

That being said, let's start the tour of my cozy cottage Christmas living room...err, front living room. Meet Aero and or newest addition, Willow. They currently have a love/hate relationship. I'm hoping it grows more into a love/kind-of-can-stand-you relationship soon. At least in this picture below, it looks like love. 

This year in this room green started to become one of the accent colors and I went with it. The plan was to use red and make it festive, but I went safe and used green instead :) Green is an obviously easy Christmas color to go with since most every stem or tree has green in it. I decided to take that and add it to other areas of the room. 

On this table, I took the doors off to show all the texture of my vintage books. I added small trees in my antique terracotta pots. I also moved some stuff around to get a new look. 
This accordion hanger is one of my favorite finds for only $1 at a vintage market last year. It reminds me of my so many things do now lately! I added greens in this hyacinth basket using a flocked stem and eucalyptus. You'll notice throughout this room, I've add lots of eucalyptus. It's pretty much one of my new favorite Christmas decor items. I tied in the green throughout the room with this sweater pillow on my couch that I got from Target in January on clearance.

Going with the green, I also threw this beautiful green cable knit throw blanket on the bench that serves as a coffee table, and toy storage piece. As you can see, I bring in all the layers and textures for Christmas time! Pretty much the more the merrier...and cozier :) 

Rug: Rugs USA    Storage Bench: Link         Chandelier: World Market         $30 shiplap tutorial: link      Cable Knit Throw: Similar

I found these vases at Hobby Lobby during the spring, and added them to this old crate on top of the bench. These frosted eucalyptus stems at Michaels. 
Every year I love my mantel more than the previous year. And this year is no exception. I created a similar look to this with just the longer flocked pieces and eucalyptus and loved it, but then I needed some of those flocked pieces for my other mantel. I went on a search high and low to find more of them and couldn't. So, I found some more bushy flocked pieces to replace them. I wasn't sure how it would look, but I love it even more than I did before! The bushy greens just gave it a fuller look. 

I added large bells to the swag of greenery to finish it off. 
As for the other side of the mantel, I added two simple candlesticks I got from Hobby Lobby. I've been on a long search for brass candlesticks and didn't realize how expensive they have all gotten! I remember finding them for cents on a the dollar in huge bins years ago. Now they are hard to find, and expensive! So, my collection now includes some not so vintage ones like these :) Below them, I hung three stockings...for each of my pets. But now I'm realizing I need to add one more for sweet Willow. 
Now for my Christmas tree in here! I loved the look last year, and it was hard to come up with a new one and not just use that one again. But, I try to keep it fresh and give you more ideas on decorating trees. So, once again, this year I thought outside of the box. Last year was dryer balls and book pages, this year it's all about the greens you'll find in the spring with lots of eucalyptus stems and other stems from Hobby Lobby. 

Let's start from the bottom. I added this rug to the base to act as a tree skirt, and then added the tree collar. I truthfully wasn't sure on how it was going to look, but it turned out perfect! (peek at Aero behind the chair! Which means Willow is probably near in the tree)

I have 4 types of green stems in here, 3 of which are from Hobby Lobby, and the eucalyptus stems I found online. I added a couple of branches of the white berries. I then had my kids finish the tree by hanging all the white sparkly ornaments. It's a tradition at our house that they get to decorate this tree with the ball ornaments. I never move them...not even for pictures! Over the years, they have gotten real good at placement. In the early years, I would have a tree that was heavily decorated in one area, and not so much in the rest :) 

A little secret of mine to give a tree a beautiful glow at night is to use different size light bulbs! Go for the big ones and the small makes it a beautiful glow!
I hope you enjoyed the tour of this room and got at least a little bit of inspiration...never the less, at least now you have officially met Willow. 

Here's one last look of this room as a whole. Yes, it's pretty much white, green, and brown :)...with lots of layers! Layering is a surefire way to make any room cozy for Christmas! (also another glimpse at my cats under the chair. I didn't notice any of these until I started writing this!)

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happy DIYing! Alicia