My 10 Year Blog Anniversary! Top Posts Of All Time

Say whaaaat??!! I've been at this whole blogging thing for 10 years now! Holy cow batman, that makes me feel sooo old! Ha! Seriously though. You realize, that was a decade ago? The kids that graduated this year were in 2nd grade when I started. Pinterest didn't even exist. Man hadn't landed on the moon and I still think that people were using leaves as toilet paper... okay okay. Not that long ago. But for reals. That's a long time! To celebrate this milestone, I'll be doing a series of posts. This post is my top posts of all time (something I have never ever done!!). Some are super old and probably don't even have proper links anymore in them. But, hey, that's how it goes :) And all next week, I'll be sharing my by room, year by year, so you can see how my decorating has changed in 10 years. Plus, you'll be able to see some of my projects I have done in those rooms! 10 years has brought on over 600 projects!!! Now you all know why my basement looks like a hoarders house. No but for real, I'll be having a garage sale in a couple of weeks. It's getting pretty bad, I can barely walk down there. It's baaaad. Anyway! Let's get started on my top posts of alllll time!!! (still pinching myself that it's been 10 years!)

From circa 2014..... 
How To Fake A Clean House
Yes, there was a method to this madness and it works. Still works. I actually have some more tips I'll be sharing! But for now, if you missed this post, it's worth the read, and you get to see the flipside of the pretty pictures :) 

From 2016:
This was true then, not as true now. Maybe more like $4000 now, maybe. Which still isn't bad! This post offers some AMAZING tips and tricks on how to score things on the cheap and furnish your house without breaking the bank. I'm a bargain shopping through and through and never spend full price for anything.. unless it's from Ikea. But, I consider that a bargain place to begin with :) 

DIY Floating Shelves and Bathroom Update
One of my favorite, cheapest, and impactful projects to date have been these floating shelves in my bathroom. 

An oldie but goodie! 2012!
How To Make New Wood Look Old And Weathered
This has been one of my most popular projects since I did it, 7 years ago! It's a tried and true method of making any new piece of lumber look old. I have done it countless number of times with great results! 

The Odd Trick To Cleaning Your Shower Door 
You guys won't believe this one, and I couldn't either. I have such a problem with hard water stains, and this cleaned my glass shower door better than any chemical spray. It seriously is crazy amazing!

Bedding Sets That Won't Break The Budget
This is one of those that I should update. I'm sure most of the links are dead by now, but it's still one of my most popular posts! Some sets can still be purchased! Go check them out to see if you like any :) 

How To Clean An Iron With Vinegar
I took out my iron today and it left black crap all over my white pillow case! Ugh! Anyway, I was quickly reminded about this post and how I needed to clean it again! 

18 Large Rugs That Won't Break The Budget
Another popular old one with inevitably bad links. I think I have updated this one a couple of years ago. So, there still might be some good deals on there!

Wow... 2010!
DIY $20 Plush Headboard
This was one of my first big projects. This even got me on a TV show! I have made countless number of headboards like this since. 
Last but not least from 2016
Model Home Monday from one of my favorite builders, Edge Homes
This home is seriously so beautifully decorated, and apparently you all think so too! I've been thinking about adding Model Home Monday's back into the lineup, what do you all think? We are having a crazy influx of development out here that I can pretty much hit a model home with a rock no matter which way I throw it. 

And there you have it! The top ten posts! I can't believe one of those goes back 9 years ago. It's crazy how 10 years has gone by so fast. But, its super fun to look back and see all that I have done to my house and with blogging. Can't wait to share my rooms with you all next! So, stay connected so you don't miss out :)

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PS. All the posts are mine. All the tutorials are mine. All ideas are mine. Be kind and don't copyright. It's against the law :)


happy DIYing! Alicia