Model Home Monday

Today's model home is coming to you a little late, but at least it's still Monday :) This home is something I can definitely see my parents retiring in when the time comes. Something cute, little, all main floor living with additional spaces available when guests come around. It's a cute little cottage :)
Hope you enjoy!

 I'm not sure how I feel about this kitchen. I really like it...then I think there's too much going on once I start to really look at it. And that pantry? Amazing! But...then how often does your pantry really look so organized and awesome? lol
 Living room:

 Dining room:
 View from the stairs:
 Master bedroom:

 Master bathroom:
 The upstairs was rather strange. You came up the stairs and this sat as a loft to the left of the stairs, then you walked around and turned to a place behind/on top of the stairs to find the 'office' two pictures below. It was like an L shaped loft. Nice, but waste of space? I don't know :)

 Upstairs bedroom:
 Guest bathroom:

 Basement bathroom:
I actually didn't mind this model home walking through it. Some of the furnishings called my name right away :) But, definitely something for a smaller family or retired couple. Still beautiful though!

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is a gorgeous home Alicia. Love the flower design mirror hanging near the entryway and the orange-off white color scheme cushions & pillows. So elegant. Thanks a lot for inspiring!


happy DIYing! Alicia