Popsicle Stick Honeycomb Wall Art

 I was provided product by DecoArt and compensated to write about this project, but all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own :)

I have had the awesome opportunity to team up with DecoArt as one of their core bloggers for the next year. If you aren't aware of what DecoArt is, they are pretty much the name behind all the paints you use for crafts! So, once a month for the next year, I'll be sharing with you some cute DIY projects you can do with DecoArt products :) Today, I'll be sharing with you how to make these cute little hexagons and use them as wall art to make a cute little honeycomb pattern!

The supplies you'll need:
DecoArt paint
Craft sticks
Glue gun/glue
Hexagon template 
Create cute wall art using popsicle sticks!
 First, I painted my craft sticks...well, let's be honest, aren't they really call popsicle sticks? :) I used Bright Salmon for the larger hexagon and two of the smaller ones.
Create cute wall art using popsicle sticks!
And Desert Cactus for one of the smaller ones. Aren't these colors amazing? I love them for Spring and Summer!
Create cute wall art using popsicle sticks!
 Next was to create the hexagon pattern. I free handed this at first, and it came out totally crooked. So, then I decided to cut out a hexagon on my digital cutter. I cut out multiple sizes to see which ones would work the best for each size stick. When it came down to it, not one size really worked perfectly, so I just ended up laying out the sticks around the paper hexagon making sure each stick was parallel with the matching side. I glued each of these sticks on top of one another using my hot glue gun.
Create cute wall art using popsicle sticks!
 Once I got the initial base shape done, I then continued to glue the sticks on top of each other until I reached a depth that I liked.
Create cute wall art using popsicle sticks!
 I used three different size sticks, the larger hexagon was made with jumbo sized sticks, the green with the large size and the other smaller two with what would be the normal size for popsicle sticks.

I then hung them on the wall to create a little honeycomb type look, but without them touching.
Create cute wall art using popsicle sticks!
 I played around with the depths for all of these, switching it up with each size. I just hung them using a tack in the wall. I am loving this salmon color :) It just makes me so happy. It's fun to have pops of color like this throughout my mainly all white house lol
Create cute wall art using popsicle sticks!
 I have a ton of these little sticks left, and now my mine is spinning on how to make more things! This totally brought me back to my childhood when I used to make my mom wooden jewelry boxes out of popsicle sticks :) I was seriously addicted to making them. She probably had like 20 lol.
Create cute wall art using popsicle sticks!

For more inspiration, check out DecorArt's website and social pages!

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  1. these are a cute quick inexpensive to add a pop of color and i went to decoarts web site and looked for over an hour and still didn't see all of the projects, and it isn't all crafty wafty stuff wow thanks xx

  2. I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in you post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. When my girls were little we always set time every few times a month to do crafts like these. We enjoyed it so much.


happy DIYing! Alicia