Spring Home Tour

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Happy Spring! You have no idea how much I look forward to the first day of Spring. It's second in line to Daylight Savings Time when we get our extra hour of daylight at night and Christmas. Those are a tie :) In honor of Spring, I've teamed up with 29 other amazing bloggers this week showcasing our homes!
This was all put on by the sweetest Marty at A Stroll Thru Life. Marty's been a long, long time supporter of my blog and she is just a peach :) If you are stopping by from Life On Virginia Street, welcome! Don't you love Sarah's clean style? Not to mention her house is beautiful! If you are new around here, let me introduce myself. I'm Alicia, been blogging about my house and DIY projects for almost 7 years now. 7 years! That makes me like a dinosaur in blogland :) We are currently in the process of making the decision of loving our home or building a new one. It's been a difficult process and we are torn in both directions. So, for now, I have decided to try to be content with what I have and make things work and see how that pans out. If the perfect house, lot, opportunity or the whole shebang presents itself to us, then we'll jump :) But, until then, I am looking at my house in a whole new light. So, in honor of that, in today's tour I'll be sharing a lot of architectural details of our house I don't share very often...or at all :) It's making me embrace and love my house that much more...of course which makes the building decision even that more difficult.

Throughout this tour, you'll notice a few things :) I love tulips, neutrals and blankets. I'll have blankets out even when it's 100 degrees outside because it usually means my husband put it to like 64 degrees in the house :) Hope you enjoy!

Here's our entry, the first thing you'll see as you walk into our house.
 The other side of the entry has this beautiful staircase. I didn't like the natural wood at first, but then when I painted this wall white, the natural wood popped and now I would never ever change it :)
 Rug, pillow, mirror: Home Goods

Our front room is just off the entry. It is actually a guest room now too. That white sofa pulls out into a queen size bed.

Console Table: Target     Sofa Bed: Ikea      Bench: Target     Rug: Rugs USA

The shiplap or planked wall as it used to be called, was the first big thing to happen in here about 3 years ago. I added the faux fireplace over the winter and completely love how cozy it made this room!
 This sweet little bench also houses a ton of toys. It's the perfect out of site storage.
 And of course, I had to add a little tiny pop of color with some tulips :)
 I love sitting in this little corner and looking into the entry, the stairs are just my favorite feature in our home.
 Now for the living room. This is the space that is used all day everyday and doesn't see much rest. I haven't decorated much in here for Spring, just changed up things on our shelves and mantel to not be Christmas is all. And yes, I still had Christmas...umm "Winter"...stuff up until last week :)
 I decided to keep things in here pretty white and neutral. Not much color except for some greenery here and there.
 Rug: Amazon    Pillows: Ikea and Home Goods    Tray: Home Goods    Lamps: Target

 Chair: Target      Pillow: Ikea      Table: Hobby Lobby
 Here's a view I have never shown of our house, but it's really what sold us on it. I remember sitting in this very corner looking up at the catwalk just barely after we bought it and sighing, thinking about how lucky we were to be able to buy this house. I just love the archway and railing.
 Oh, and something that is pretty much a piece of living furniture also is our sweet pup. He sat here so sweetly, I just had to share :)
 Next up is the dining room. This planked..or shiplap wall I did over 4 years ago with cedar planks and still love it so much. For Spring, I just brought in some tulips for the centerpiece and rearranged a few things, but overall left it the same as always.

 Welcome to our master bedroom. The only thing I did in here for Spring was clean it. lol. I'm serious :) It's usually in shambles, so I'm glad to have these tours come up every few months to make me actually clean it.
 Bench: Target      Headboard: DIY     Rug:Home Depot     Bedding:Amazon

Well, I did add some new bedding a few months back, and I guess the tulips are new too! So, there's my touches of Spring :)

 And that's it for the tour! Here's the door :) Just kidding, this is just another angle of my house I don't show often, it highlights our two story entry. This little baby is what is making finding a home really really hard and is ultimately making us want to build so we can get everything we love about this house, just move it into a slightly larger home that would fit our needs more :)
If you stuck around this far, be sure to go check out all the other tours today and the rest of the week! Up next on the blog hop is Snazzy Little Things. She's definitely one you'll enjoy!
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  1. What a beautiful bright home and I love your sweet pups trusting face. So cute

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  6. Gorgeous! Love the small poops of color here and there!

  7. I love your home Alicia! It's so bright and airy! Beautiful tour!

  8. I was hooked as soon as you mentioned your love for tulips, neutrals, and blankets - I'm right there with you! Beautiful, beautiful tour - you have such a warm and welcoming spring home!

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happy DIYing! Alicia