Monday, October 28, 2013

Winter's around the corner! How To Install a Window Insulation Kit with 3M DIY

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This post is in collaboration with 3M DIY Starts here. Though I have been compensated for the product and the review, the content and material below are 100% mine.

Our house has a really hard time at getting warm enough. Well...let me preface that with the fact that 95 degrees still isn't warm enough for me :) I probably need to live in Arizona or something because this girl is not cut out for weather under 70 degrees. During the winter, I am usually found sitting directly in front of the fireplace to stay warm. It probably doesn't help that most of our first story is two stories high so all the heat rises away from the living areas.

So, I jumped on the opportunity to test out 3M™'s Window Insulator Kit. I first wanted to try it in the nursery since it gets pretty cold in there at night, and the monitor shows the temp in there so I actually had a way to gauge if it helped or not.
How to install and window insulator kit with 3M

The packaging is pretty basic. Upon opening it, it made me kind of thrilled that there weren't any additional instruction sheets...the only instructions you needed were the 4 steps on the outside of the box. How easy can that be? As for the contents, there was tape and plastic wrap looking stuff, not much to it.
How to install and window insulator kit with 3M

First was to measure the window and then cut the plastic wrap 1 inch bigger around each adding an additional 2 inches in width and length.

Once I got the plastic cut, I then placed the tape around the edges of the window frame.
How to install and window insulator kit with 3M

This was pretty easy besides working around the blinds. I had to take off the blinds and then kind of stick the tape behind the hardware. It was easier starting the tape off a little without the backing and securing it behind the hardware and then securing the rest of the tape around the window then taking off the rest of the backing.
How to install and window insulator kit with 3M

I then started from the top middle and placed the plastic on the tape.
How to install and window insulator kit with 3M

And then I pulled and secured it to the sides. Lastly, the bottom.

It needs to be pretty tight, so luckily it's pretty easy to take off the plastic from the tape and pull it taught. The goal is to not have any wrinkles; which I thought was ridiculous because that was half near impossible. So I kept pulling and securing, pulling and securing. But kept getting wrinkles.
How to install and window insulator kit with 3M

But the last step is to use a blow dryer to get rid of any stubborn wrinkles. I started to blow dry it, but it didn't do much. I then decided to move the blow dryer closer than I thought was safe... I thought it would burn through the plastic. But whatdoyaknow. It worked awesome! So, pretty much the bottom line, blow dry it closer than you think you should and it will work...the wrinkles will seriously vanish!
How to install and window insulator kit with 3M

This maybe took about 10 minutes to do this window, if that. The hardest thing to do was getting the blinds off and on. The best part about this is that you can't even tell its on there :) ...and withstands baby abuse...
How to install and window insulator kit with 3M and Thrifty and Chic
After having it on the past few weeks, I have noticed on average that the temperature is about 2 degrees warmer, which makes a big difference to me. I like looking at the temp saying that it's 70 degrees instead of 68 degrees. Sometimes it was even dipping to about 64 degrees and I haven't see that temp since I put up the window insulation. Which makes this momma happy :)

I was worried about the removal of this are suppose to take it off after the winter season. I didn't know if the tape would stay on or come off. But it came off pretty easily when I tried to take it off; of course that was shortly after it was we'll see how it does in a few months when it has had time to adhere to the window more. Over all, I would definitely use the3M™ Window Insulator let's hope for some energy savings! :)...goodness knows our energy rates are sky high so anything will help.

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